The Boys - Easter Sunday 1990 or 1991.

The Boys – Easter Sunday 1990

Easter. We’ve celebrated it for many years but as the kids get older, it’s a holiday we pretty much skip. Maybe it’s because it’s too sad. Long gone are the days of planning for weeks ahead of time what we’re going to do. An Easter Egg Hunt or a Scavenger Hunt? Go to Grandmas or take a trip? Group egg hunt or family? There were so many choices when they were little and so many ways to celebrate.

One year we went to a lake in Eastern Washington. Another to Victoria Canada to see their amazing gardens. It seemed Easter always meant the beginning of spring and new things. In fact, many years we had so many commitments it felt like all we did was travel from place to place. I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to be at home and celebrate with just the boys.

But now the boys are in their mid- and late-twenties and with no grandchildren on the horizon, Easter is a painful memory of what was. It’s hard to see all the photos of kids in their Easter clothes and families gathering together knowing that those days are over for us. Or at least I thought they were. When I mentioned to my future daughter-in-law that I was sad that I no longer got to do Easter baskets because the “kids” were too old for them, she looked at me with a smile and said, “We’re never too old for Easter baskets!”

Our Hershey's Easter Basket - family size!

Our Hershey’s Easter Basket – family size for sharing!

Aging: Keeping Traditions Alive

I realized she’s right. No one is ever too old to have someone else do something special for them and although I’ve been away all week, I was lucky enough to have the Hershey Chocolate folks contact me and ask me if I’d like to have a Easter Basket sent to someone special. How’s that for Kismet!

The basket arrived the day we arrived home from our trip, the Saturday before Easter, so it was here and ready for an Easter surprise. I guess the lesson I learned is that I can hold on to the traditions we started with the kids, I my just have to expand my family a bit to include others who still enjoy the holiday. And my advice for parents who are overwhelmed by everything today brings? Breathe, sit back and realize how very, very lucky you are to get the privilege of hanging with those very special little people you’ve brought into the world.

Happy Easter!

Hershey's Easter Basket - We've all claimed our favorites

Hershey’s Easter Basket – We’ve all claimed our favorites

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