I'm resting now, but I'll be doing the Dr Weil and Orthaheel 28-Day Walkabout in April to improve my health - Join me!

I’m resting now, but I’ll be doing the Dr Weil and Orthaheel 28-Day Walkabout in April to improve my health – Join me!

I have been a fan of Dr. Andrew Weil’s for years. He’s a health expert that I can get behind and heartily recommend. His philosophy is everything in moderation, listening to your body, and having a positive mental outlook. To say his [amazon_link id=”1564558827″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]meditation [/amazon_link] and [amazon_link id=”156455726X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]breathing tapes[/amazon_link] have changed my life would be an understatement!

When I found out there was a Dr Weil and Orthaheel 28-Day Walkabout I jumped at the chance to participate! First because the purpose is to get people to pledge to achieve their wellness goals, but also because I need to start focusing on my wellness again. I got sidetracked by schedules, travel, and deadlines, but I’m no good to anyone if I’m no able to perform because I’ve stopped paying attention to my health and wellness.

My new Orthaheel trainers - these shoes are perfect for my 28-day Walkabout!

My new Orthaheel trainers – these shoes are perfect for my 28-day Walkabout!

Getting My Health On

To get me started on my path to the 28-Day Walkabout, I’ve received my very own pair of  Orthaheel Walker Shoes. They’re very cute and stylish and the sizing is perfect. I received a 10W which is my usual size and they are so comfortable! Sure, I’m not used to having so much arch support so I’m taking the recommendation included with the shoes to wear them a few hours each day to get used to them before wearing them out on a walkabout.

For someone who’s used to arch support it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m a barefoot girl – I shed shoes the moment it’s allowed and can go days without wearing them. So for me the arch support feels like a large stone. Beyond that, the soles are durable looking, provide great traction, and they provide support to keep my feet and ankles properly positioned to avoid foot fatigue and pain.

Traction and support - My new Orthaheel trainers

Traction and support – My new Orthaheel trainers

Join the 28-Day Walkabout

Fitness Expert, Juliet Kaska

Fitness Expert, Juliet Kaska

I’m looking forward to following along other participants in the Dr Weil and Orthaheel 28-Day Walkabout and you can too. On twitter follow the hashtag #Walkabout2013 or sign up yourself!  Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli, global health expert Dr. Andrew Weil and fitness expert and celebrity trainer Juliet Kaska of JK Zen Fitness  kick-off the nationwide campaign on National Walking Day, which is April 3, 2013. The Walkabout will take place over 28-days and during that time participants will receive daily email encouragement, tips and the chance to win prizes.

Don’t know who Dr Weil is? Check out his website and also this footage from Dr. Weil’s Virtual Tea recorded live True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica, CA. The discussion shares ways to incorporate walking into a busy lifestyle, for improved overall health and well-being. 

What is Walkabout?

28-Day Walkabout Fitness Tips

Dr Weil's Philosophy on Health and Wellness

Dr Weil’s Philosophy on Health and Wellness

Walking, in particular, is an easy activity and can assist with reducing stress and anxiety and also strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes optimal bone density, boosts the immune system, and increases your overall health and wellness. Begin on your road to wellness by incorporating walking into your daily habitual routine.

  • Walk before you run. Increase your steps to 10K a day before tackling running. It’s a great way to improve your overall fitness while helping you physically and emotionally.
  • Invest in a good pair of walking shoes. Over 72% say they don’t exercise because of pain. The right shoes will do wonders for your posture and joints. Find a  lightweight shoe with a flexible soul and replace them often; they breakdown inside long before the outside is worn.
  • Check your stride. Shorter, measured steps where your feet strike the ground with the heel and push off with the toes is best.  Too long a stride can throw you off balance
  • Maintain your posture. Keep your back straight and stretch your spine so your shoulders are level and square, and tuck your buttocks in.
  • Stay hydrated to avoid muscle cramps which are often the result of slight dehydration
  •  Stretch before and after your walk.
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  • Join Dr. Andrew Weil for a Walkabout! (blogher.com)