Listerine Mouthwash 21-day Challenge Upate

While we pretty much failed the 21 Day Listerine Oral Care Challenge in that none of us were able to make it a habit to use LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN® twice a day, we did at least start towards that habit by using it when we could. We’re the worst at following through with healthy habits and I’m not giving up on us just yet, but at this 21-day mark we’re still wannabes.

We wannabe using LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN® to improve our overall teeth and gum health, but we’re terrible and making ourselves do it. Some nights it’s all I can do to brush my teeth let alone then floss and rinse. One habit I need to get into is doing it before I’m so tired I just want to fall into bed and that means cutting off my eating earlier in the night.

That’s one great thing about LISTERINE® ULTRACLEAN®, after using it I’m less likely to eat because the food will taste different – that’s a win/win in my book! I need to consider the boost it could add to my weight loss plan – who wants to ruins fresh, clean breath by eating and then having to do it all over again. Now why didn’t I think of this 21-days ago?!?!

Listerine Smart Rinse Anticavity Barbie Bubblegum Flavor

Listerine Smart Rinse Anticavity Barbie Bubblegum Flavor

My favorite of all the products that we tried was the Barbie Bubble Gum. Crazy, huh. But I love the measured dispenser top (less spills and easy-to-use) and the taste which while it still has a bite on the tongue is less so than the “adult” version. I wish it didn’t have artificial colors, but all of the mouthwashes do – at least it’s cute. I do spit it out so I’m not as worried as I would be if I swallowed it. I’m also not a floride user, but again, it’s a rinse and spit so not as worrisome.

But does the kids’ Barbie Bubble Gum mouthwash work? Well, it goes in a clear pink liquid and comes out in pink chunks….I don’t want to think about what it’s attached itself to and removed, I’m only glad it did.


Want to challenge yourself to 21-days to better oral health? Sign up on the LISTERINE Facebook page. How do you think your family will do? Will you beat us in the race to better oral hygiene? How will you remind yourself? I’d love some ideas because clearly we need them!

I received products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. and The Motherhood as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® 21 Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.