Verizon DROID DNA by HTC - Entertainment in your hand!
I have been preoccupied with learning more about my new Verizon Droid DNA from HTC cellphone for the last few weeks. I’ll admit that I’m probably using a smattering of the apps and features it has, but I’m making an effort to learn a few tips and tricks every day, so that soon I’ll be a master!

I’m new to Droid phones so there was some unlearning to do from my previous smart phone use first. I find myself looking for buttons and features that my other smartphone had that are different, moved, or not included with this one. That’s slowed my progress just a bit as has a scheduled that’s kept me close to home so I’ve not been forced to use the phone as much as I should.

Verizon Droid DNA from HTC – Cool Features

There are a many features that I love, but these are ones I use every day. The first seems so simple and yet it’s brilliant. When the phone rings, I can flip it over to stop it from ringing and the call is automatically sent to voicemail. I love that! The other feature that’s been on my wishlist since I started using smartphones is that if I receive a call or the alarm goes off, it plays through the speaker even if earbuds are plugged in. I watch/listen to music and TV with earbuds at night and sometimes during the day.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed an alarm because my earbuds were plugged into the phone, but not in my ears.

Verizon Droid DNA HTC Features Screen Shots

Verizon Droid DNA HTC – Settings and Features

Another fun feature is the facial recognition unlock screen. It works as a password to gain entry to my phone. Thankfully there’s a backup code to unlock it should the phone not recognize me. I had the chance to choose from drawing a shape or entering a 4-digit code during setup. I wanted a fail-safe backup so I chose the code and it’s a good thing, too. Today my phone didn’t recognize me several times (I guess combing my hair threw it off ;-)) so I used the refine face recognition and now it recognizes me the majority of the time. I know it’s not as safe as a password, but it’s certainly more fun!

Verizon Droid DNA  from HTC –Entertainment in your Hands!

I’m guessing I use my phone 90% of the time for watching TV, 15% downloading books and audiobooks from the library, and 5% using it as a telephone. As an entertainment device it’s fabulous. The battery life suffers because I like a bright screen, but it still gives me 2-3 hours of video playback. I know dimming my screen and turning of the cell service when I’m using Wi-Fi would help with the battery life, but I just keep it near a charger so it’s never a problem.

Verizon Droid DNA HTC - Social Networking in a snap!

Verizon Droid DNA  from HTC – What I’m Working on Next

I have plenty of things I plan on working on this week. The first is syncing my Outlook calendar on my notebook to the phone. I know it can be done, I just haven’t figure it out yet. Heck, I haven’t even set up my voice mail yet. I supposed it’s time to do that. I didn’t at first because I was sure I’d want to go back to my old phone, but now I’m loving the features and quality of the Verizon Droid DNA so I think I’ll set it up and make it mine.

Next month I’ll share with you the features that I’ve started using and will share more about its social media abilities. I’m hooked!

Are you a Droid user? I’d love to hear your hints and tips on making the transition easier.