Our e-waste about to disappear thanks to Best Buys Electronics Recycling Program

I’ve been buying computers and printers for home use since the 1980’s so you can imagine the number of devices we’ve gone through. From dot-matrix printers to laser and a plethora of desktop computers to handheld devices, we’ve had them all. In fact, we still have them all stored in our garage. Well that’s not exactly true. They’re also in our cupboards and drawers. In fact, they can be found everywhere in our home.

It's time to e-Cycle! Check out Best Buy Electronic Recycling Program - free and easy!Recycling electronics shouldn’t be this hard, but we just couldn’t find a recycling center we felt confident in to handle our sensitive data. That inability to find a safe solution for their disposal has kept us in a state of perpetual storage and after nearly 25 years in our home, we’re running out of space – it’s time for them to go.

Best Buy’s Electronics Recycling Program

Thankfully I’ve just been made aware of Best Buy’s electronics recycling program. It turns out that I’m not the only one with an e-waste recycling need. The technology waste stream is the fastest growing burden on our planet and thankfully as a world leading retailer in consumer electronics, they’re stepping up to help solve the problem.

Best Buy’s electronics recycling program is easy – no matter where you purchased your item or how old it is, Best Buy will recycle it. In fact, they recycle 387 pounds of electronic waste every minute their stores are open. They take most electronics: TVs, DVD players, computer monitors, computers, audio and video cables, cell phones, and more.

How the Best Buy’s Electronics Recycling Program Works

All you have to do to get your waste into the recycling stream is bring it to any Best Buy retail location and they’ll responsibly, and more importantly safely, dispose of it and best of all their electronic recycling is free at any location in the US or Puerto Rico.

The video below convinced me it’s time to trust the system and send our items to the recycler. First I was impressed by the amount of care given to wipe out and destroy hard drives and secondly because Best Buy doesn’t export the process to 3rd world countries; that’s important to me. I’ve watched several documentaries about the toxic conditions being created by companies who ship the waste off and the data theft opportunities that’s they’ve created when this is done that way.

I feel much safer turning my things over now and will make a date with the hubby to do it soon. He’ll be THRILLED to get a good portion of the storage area back in the garage as well as some room in our junk drawer and closets. But first we’ll go through and donate the working items to a charity or through a sharing program.

Best Buy’s Electronics Recycling Program Overview Video

Purchase with the Earth in Mind – Energy Star Certified Products

While you’re thinking of the earth, remember it when you’re making purchases as well. Best Buy carries a complete line of Energy Star certified products. Sometimes upgrading is more earth-saving than keeping the older unit running. To learn more about their Energy Star certified products, visit their Energy Star Partner website.

So I’m curious – do you recycle your E-Waste? Will you join me now?

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