Not the Best Wife Coffee Cup Award - It's My Husband's Fault I'm a Bad Housewife, This Time!I think I’m a bad housewife, but I blame my husband. Why? Because last night my husband prepared the garbage for the curb as he does every Wednesday night that he’s not on duty. This has been our ritual for the 24 years we’ve lived in this house.

As he did his chores and I blogged, we chatted about the day and the plans for the rest of the week. As our conversation continued, I realized that the last time I cooked a real meal for him was last week when I surprised him with a romantic dinner for two (um, oops! As I linked to the post, I see it’s been TWO weeks since I cooked a real meal….it can’t be. I must be forgetting something….well that’s embarrassing ). You see, even after the kids leave the home (or in our case grow up, leave, and then come home again), there are still work schedules to contend with so dinner together is still a challenge.

So as he’s finishing up his garbage duty I pop on over to my grocery deliver site to put in an order. Like a multi-tasking pro, I also pulled up some new recipes from a favorite website, which I changed up to meet my vegetarian needs as well as his meatatarian desires.  The first is Penne Pasta and Chicken in Almond Sauce. I received three Crave Boxes last week by mistake (mine) so I have 6 boxes of Penne Pasta to make. Thankfully we love pasta so it won’t be a challenge, but what is a challenge is thinking beyond a red sauce, so the almond sauce was a great choice. It’s a white sauce with heavy cream, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and of course almonds, one of my favorite foods.

The second dish is Chinese Almond Chicken which I’ll be making for myself with a faux chicken substitute but the same rich sauce, peas and carrots, and spring onions. Yum!

I added all of my ingredients to my cart and checked out choosing a pre-dawn delivery. My groceries would literally be dropped on my front porch between 4:30 am and 6:00 am and here I was ordering at 8:30 pm. Cool, huh!

Grocery Delivery Day

I was excited to bring in the goods this morning because I added a few breakfast items for myself, so I opened the door at 6am with anticipation. Imagine my surprise when my porch was empty! The first time ever and I’ve ordered hundreds of times my home grocer didn’t deliver as promised. My heart sank as I raced back up to my computer to verify that my order had gone through, that I had selected the pre-dawn delivery on Thursday, and that I wasn’t mistaken that they had goofed.

And then it hit me… is Wednesday. I have no idea why after 24 years the hubby did the garbage on the wrong day but now we have no dinner. Granted tomorrow at 4:30 am my delivery will be on my doorstep and this time I can blame the fact that dinner isn’t on the table on my hubby.

Bad Housewife Confession

Am I the only day and date challenged person out there? Do I win the Not-the-Best-Wife award this week? One consolations is that at least I’m not a Horrible Housewife (you HAVE to read her blog – she’s hysterical).

Do you have any bad housewife stories? I’d love to hear them (if only to make me feel better ;-))