iFrogz Tumble iPad Protective Case

You don’t need a child to appreciate the protection an iFrogz Tumble iPad protective case can bring to your iPad 3 or 4. But if you do have kids, you’ll want to lightweight case to keep your expensive tablet computer from meeting its untimely end and the Animatone Tumble does it beautifully.

First it is a protective case. It envelopes your iPad within its protective borders while still giving you access to all of the important ports, buttons, and features necessary to operate your tablet. Then it adds super functionality with the built-in handle which makes transporting your iPad from room to room or on a trip a dream. Plus it adds the functionality of being an adjustable stand so you can work or view your media from multiple angles.

The iFrogz Tumble iPad protective case is easy to put on and take off so you can remove it should you wish to plug it into a dock or use it with another cover. I change mine out with our speaker stand in the kitchen quite often, but I could also use it with my Blue-tooth speaker and never remove it from its case.

Protect your iPad 3 or 4 with an iFrogz Tumble

Even though I’m well over 50, I find the features that make it perfect for children the same reason I love it. Carrying my iPad around the house – into the kitchen for cooking, in the living room for looking up crochet patterns, and in bed for watching movies after the hubby has gone to sleep – it easily converts to whatever my needs are at that moment.

iFrogz Tumble - easy to use, provides fabulous protection, but still gives me access to my iPad's controls

How to use the iFrogz Tumble – FIG 1: Remove the blank – FIG 2: Re-purpose the blank in your next craft project 🙂 – FIG 3: Slide your iPad into the case  –  FIG 4: Pull the top of the case over your  iPad  – FIG 5: The case has openings for all of the controls and camera – FIG 6: Enjoy your newly protected iPad!

The iFrogz Tumble iPad protective case is tough but still has a bit of give to it so it makes holding on to it easy. It’s not hard, shiny plastic, but something more like a foam. It’s good looking, comfortable, and works like a dream.

At $49.99 it may seem expensive, but unlike vanity covers that look cute but provide absolutely no protection, this one works as a protective case plus travel case so it’s really a complete solution. And at under $50, it may just save you having to replace that $600 notepad!

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