In the blink of an eye he grew up and now has grown up responsibilities

Being a parent doesn’t stop the moment your child reaches 18; at least it didn’t with us. Our children may be adults, but they still need our guidance as they navigate the beginning of their lives.

Luckily, there are resources we can count on to help. Experts to help us support our children as they navigate these tricky years when they’re starting to make their own decisions. Insurance is a topic we covered with both of our kids, but what we found really helpful was an unbiased source that’s available online that helped us back up our recommendations.

We used InsureU recently when our oldest son bought a new car and his own automobile insurance for the first time in his life. Our traditional insurance company was much too pricey for him, so he found an alternative that provided the coverage he needed and more importantly, at the price he could afford. By using InsureU, he knew what type of coverage he needed and more importantly, the site provided information on how to checkout the company he wanted to purchase from

When his car was stolen and missing for almost a month just four short months after he bought it, he knew he was covered and that the company had a reputation for being very customer friendly. Thankfully, his car was completely restored to its new condition.

Insure U online resource for insurance information

Unbiased Help to Find the Right Insurance Coverage for YOUR Life Situation 

InsureU is an online resource for home, auto, health, and life insurance. They provide tips for young adults (and us older ones too) that are created and funded by The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC); the organization of insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

The InsureU website provides information for every life situation – single parents, domestic partnerships, young families, singles, military, single parents, small business, and more.

NAIC’s Insure This? Campaign

But the company has a new campaign called Insure This? which focuses on college students and recent graduates to make them aware of some of the potential pitfalls they can fall into during this time in their life. This is a crucial period that can put them on the path to financial success or find them drowning in medical debt for lack of insurance.

The NAIC’s Insure This? Campaign includes some fabulous interactive guides to help you and your child. Here are our favorites:

  • Life Lessons Cards: Mini, real-life scenarios that encourage readers to “think again” about what they think they know about insurance.
  • Under-30 Quiz: Test your knowledge about insurance and check your insurance IQ with this fun, online quiz.  I got 100% correct – how did you score?

Plus they cover life events – like what happens when you decide to get married. What’s covered under your renters insurance? What to know about job hunting and health insurance benefits. What to do before you buy that new car or rent your first apartment. A go-to guide for every little adventure they’ll partaking in in the next few years.

Win a $50 Gas Card from NAIC and - ends 2/25/13 1pm PT

Win a $50 Gas Card from NAIC and – ends 2/25/13 1pm PT

Learn What the Under-30’s Need to Know about Insurance:

Visit the website to see if you’ve got it all covered. And if you think you’ve got years before you have to worry about it, let me tell you, it truly does go by in the blink of an eye and you’ll be shopping with your child for car insurance before you know it.

What major life event do you have on the horizon? Are you prepared?

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