Donate your handmade hats, blankets, booties and moreI mentioned the other day that I’ve taken up crocheting again after 20 years….it’s become a bit of an addiction and I think my family is planning an intervention soon. Until then, I’ve been creating hats in colors and sizes of all kinds and rather than force them on my family, I’ve been looking for a place to donate them.

I think my hat phase will morph into blankets for the Linus Project or for stuffed animals for my husband’s fire department. He’s mentioned many times that being able to give a child a stuffed toy really helps in an emergency and I know they have trouble getting them for their rigs. Perhaps it’s time for me to donate close to home.

Where Can I Donate Crocheted Items?

The following charities accepted crocheted, knitted, and sewn items.

  • Project Linus – blankets can be knitted, crocheted or sewn and are given to kids who are seriously ill or have been traumatized. Direct donations are also appreciated.
  • Hats 4 the Homeless – A NYC charity that distributes hats, gloves and scarves to homeless persons in New York. They collect year round and then distributed the weekend before Christmas.
  • The Preemie Project – booties, bonnets, and blankets for premature babies. 
  • Baby Bundles International – Covered with Love: accepts donations of crocheted or knitted baby hats, booties, blanket, etc in the North Carolina area. They’re a registered non-profit organization.
  • Snuggles Project – shelter animals find comfort in blankets in their otherwise dreary cages while they wait for adoption. 
Do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to find some additional resources and worthy charities. I have the time, the money, and I’m working on the talent! 🙂