It’s been over 20 years since I last crocheted. I stopped because with two children and a full-time job, there just wasn’t any space left in my life for it. I thought that I’d take it up again later and after a short journey into the world of knitting, I’ve come back to the craft I love. I never thought it’d be 20 years.

What’s ironic is what’s changed….me. The older me has a lot more patience for figuring out the pattern and correcting mistakes. My younger self-made do with adding and deleting stitches to make it work, rather than pulling out the error and restitching the piece.

My younger self also started several projects at once and only finished a few of them. In fact, I tossed out a several a few months ago that’d been in my closet since the 1990’s. I no longer like the colors or the pattern and I knew I’d never finish them.

I finished with a double crochet row in white and then a reverse single crochet (crab stitch) to finish the blanket

I finished with a double crochet row in white and then a reverse single crochet (crab stitch) to finish the blanket

Still, I did finish a few. I completed one for each of the boys while I was pregnant in non-gender specific colors and although they’re far from heirloom-quality,  they’re a part of our history.  I’m now looking at creating items for future grandchildren, and I’ve found that taking up crochet again is like the proverbial riding a bike adage – it was as if no time had passed at all. But it has. I’m gray-haired now, I wear glasses because I have to and not because I want to, and I have to use ergonomic crochet hooks because my hands have arthritis.

But what’s changed is the amount of free crocheting information available online. There are so many free and easy crochet patterns, DIY videos, pictorials and more. I learned how to crochet from a book, now anyone can learn, for free, online.

I’m re-energized and have already finished my first project. A quick and easy afghan to get me back on that needlecraft bike. I used a free Red Heart Yarn pattern available online.  I used an I hook for a smaller granny square and then added my own edging. It included a stitch I didn’t have the patience for  20 years ago….a reverse single crochet (also called a crab stitch). It’s a simple stitch, but it’s a little slower to do because you have to train your brain to go backward.

My new crochet throw - finished and folded

My new crochet throw – finished and folded

How excited am I to start on my next project? Pretty dang excited. At 10 pm tonight I ordered yarn, a full set of crochet hooks, and a pompom maker through Amazon Fresh (sorry, they currently only deliver to Seattle) – they’ll be here on my front porch before 6 am.

Download this FREE Red Heart Yarn Speedy Granny Throw pattern

Yep, I think I’m going to have to work on not letting my renewed zeal for creating with yarn take over my blogging time. So far it’s been entirely uncontrollable.

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