Protect yourself and your smartphone from freezing weather

Protect yourself and your smartphone from freezing weather

While those of you on the other side of the US are dealing with a deluge of weather dumped on you this weekend by a friendly little fellow named NEMO,  it’s a great time to talk about how to take care during freezing weather. Sure, we all know how to protect ourselves by wearing appropriate clothing, dressing in layers, wearing gloves, etc.; but how many of us know how to protect our personal electronics?

Why is it important? With high winds and snow, power outages are a very real concern. Often landlines can be affected as well. Your only means of getting emergency help could be your smartphone, tablet, etc., and by knowing how to care for it, you’ll be assured it’ll have power and be in working condition should you need it.

In fact, did you know that exposing your device to extreme cold for extended amounts of time can actually drain your battery faster? And worse, longtime exposure can affect your phone’s hardware components, even making them brittle and leading to cracked screens (especially those equipped with glass screens).

Additionally, condensation may form on the inside of your screen if you power it up while it’s still cold – let your phone/tablet come up to room temp before hitting that power button. Think you can leave it in the sleep mode to avoid the condensation problem? Not so fast. Leaving your device in its sleep mode for extended periods of time can cause permanent damage.

 AT&T recommends – How to Protect Your Smartphone or Table from Freezing Temperatures:

  • The biggest and most obvious – don’t take your device out in extreme temperatures.  When you’re outside in cold, wet or snowy weather, keep it in your purse, bag or pocket.   Keep it protected.
  • Don’t leave it in your car or trunk for extended periods of time –definitely not overnight or if you’re out for a day of skiing or snowboarding, don’t leave it in your car all day.
  • Keep your phone or device in a protective case.  We recommend something like the Lifeproof  or OtterBox case available from AT&T. These are waterproof, drop resistant and dirt proof.  
  • Your phone probably isn’t going to stop ringing just because it’s cold and raining, so if you expect to be outside for a while and want to heed our advice about keeping it in your pocket, invest in a Bluetooth device/earbud with mic and call answer buttons so that you can leave the device in your pocket while talking.
  • If you know for some reason that you just have to expose your device to the cold for an extended period of time, turn it off and don’t turn it back on until it has warmed up (this helps to keep condensation from forming.)
  • Finally, for protecting yourself, if you’re going to use your device outside or in cold temps, get yourself a pair of touchscreen gloves that you can leave on while using your device. 

Stay safe and keep your phone safe too. You’ll want it in working condition should you have an emergency or just need a little entertainment when the lights go out.

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