I love my fitbit one - this tiny Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pedometer is just 2" long. At night it slips into a wrist strap to track my sleep efficacy.

I love my fitbit one – this tiny Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pedometer is just 2″ long. At night it slips into a wrist strap to track my sleep efficacy.

I’ve been wanting a fitbit for about a year. Ever since I started seeing update statuses on Facebook showing the number of steps my friends were taking each day. At every update, I started to buy one, but every time I did I pulled back; reminding myself that it’d just be like every other fitness thing I’ve bought. I’d purchase it and put it aside and never use it.

fitbit one – How It Works

But I was wrong. I’ve worn my fitbit one since the moment I received it from Best Buy to review (I also purchased one that I’ll be giving away – it’s that good!). With the exception of showering, it’s attached to me at all times. Granted, I almost washed it 3 times already by leaving it attached to my clothing which I tossed in the dirty clothes, but other than that I’m a convert. This is by far the best tracker I’ve tried because of the Wi-Fi aspect. I used a different electronic pedometer last year for a few weeks and hated that I had to connect it to my computer every day. I wanted instant feedback and eventually I just stopped using it.

With the fitbit one, I only have to connect it to my computer every 3-4 days when the battery needs to be charged (a note on my dashboard tells me when it’s time). It recharges quickly and I’m back up and running in no time.  But better yet, my stats are updated via Wi-Fi so there’s nothing I need to do and it’s instant! I get feedback several times a day about how I’m doing both on my dashboard and on the device itself.

I use the web based dashboard to check my stats, set goals, and track my mood. It’s convenient for me since I work on a notebook 10 hours or more a day. Those of you that are more mobile, there’s a free mobile app which syncs it via Bluetooth  Both have slightly different features and I find I prefer the web dashboard, but I love that I have the option. Especially when travelling.


The fitbit one encourages me to do more by awarding me badges for the number of steps and the pounds lost (by the way, I’ve lost 12 pounds since January 1st!). It was super simple to set up, to use, and to track and I love how low-profile it is. It easily clips to my bra so no one even knows I’m wearing it.

It also sends me a weekly stat check via email. It includes my weekly total for steps taken, total distance, total calories burned, my calories in vs out (for those tracking calories also), weight change, and sleep averages. The information is really interesting and while it’s always available through my dashboard, I look forward to the weekly recap as a way of starting the next one off fresh.

My weekly fitbit one Stats Summary Report via email

My weekly fitbit one Stats Summary Report via email

Tracking my Sleep

At night I remove it from its daytime clip and slip it into a nighttime wrist wrap that’s comfortable and within minutes I forget I’m wearing it. It tracks my movements and with my help (setting the time I get into bed and then get out in the morning), it tells me how many hours I slept and how many hours I was restless. It’s been really eye opening about my bedtime habits and it helps me to work at being more regular with my sleep schedule.

Synching with Popular Websites

I’ve also synced my fitbit one with my MyFitnessPal account. The two combine into one really powerful weight loss aid and I’m loving the features of both. It also syncs with other popular sites on the web to give you a total package.

But you don’t have to sync to get the full benefits. The fitbit.com website is pretty comprehensive and there’s an upgraded paid version available as well. It all about personalizing your experience so you can be successful.

fitbit is releasing with a new bracelet version this fall. I’ll be buying one. Yes, I’m that sure it’s going to help.

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