Alexia Natural Frozen Foods

Alexia is one of my favorite brands. They produce food that tastes great and it’s not full of artificial flavors or colors. Their products are frozen and ready to cook and can be found in most grocery stores freezer section.

They offer some of the best all-natural foods and sides available from my local grocery store. Among my favorites are their Artisan French and Cibatta Rolls which are made with rosemary and extra virgin olive oil. I keep a bag in the freezer and pull out just what I need for a quick sandwich or a side for dinner. As a special treat, I enjoy their fabulous baked Onion Rings which are dipped in beer batter and coated in panko crumbs. I’ve yet to try their Mozzarella Stix and Cheddar Bites, but I will soon.

I also keep their Sautés in my freezer for emergency dinners. The Harvest Sauté includes carrots, green beans, red potatoes, onions and sage in olive oil. The Italian Sauté is savory red potatoes with northern beans, tomato, onion, and spinach with basil infused olive oil. Just add meat (or in my case go meat-free) and a healthy and delicious meal is ready in about 10 minutes that has real herbs and tons of flavor.

Alexia is launching a new product to their sweet potato line of foods. They already offer Sweet Potato Fries, Spicy Sweet Potato Fries, and now Sweet Potato Puffs. Bite sized little tots that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Of course, I’d love if they started offering organic or at least GMO-free options and put even less ingredients in their food, but they’re certainly on my recommend list.

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