#CBIAS @VintageTrouble Vintage Trouble on Jay Leno Show - Photo Credit: Vintage Trouble's Twitter Feed

I’m always amazed at how fast things get on the internet. I was doing some late night celebrity stalking…. er, reading…. about Jessica Simpson’s appearance on Leno.  It dawned on me that I’d meant to watch the show because there was a new band, Vintage Trouble, appearing on the show. I’ve purchased their CD, but I wanted to catch them live.

Thinking I’d missed the show since it was already being reported on the internet, I turned the channel and there was Jessica Simpson being introduced. Time zones. Fun stuff.

But I’m glad I caught The Tonight Show. Even though it meant suffering through Jessica’s TMI about how she got pregnant and how she’ll prevent future pregnancies by keeping her legs closed. Good thinking!

While I’m usually a late night person, tonight I was tired and it’s freezing outside. I’d have loved to have headed up to my warm bed, but it would have meant missing the band perform live. So I sucked it up and steeled myself to sit through some more of Jessica Simpson’s silliness and waited patiently. I knew that I’d be rewarded with a performance that was worth the wait. A little bit of retro rock and blue combined into one really smooth performance package. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Vintage Trouble performed one of the tracks off their new album, “The Bomb Shelter Sessions.” The song, “Total Strangers,” is one of their more up-tempo songs and truly one that shows off their naughty side. It’s a bit repetitive and if you listen to the lyrics you’ll be rewarded with phrases like, “Dig in with your fingers, Scratch tracks down my back like a wild cat, Get to it now.”

But their performance was brilliant. The talent these boys have is impressive. Ty Taylor rocks the black and white suit like a man of the 60’s and it’s a great vintage revival of an era where some really great music was created. I loved the trip back with their future twist and they were definitely worth staying up for.

The boys will be joining The Who on tour and headlining some of their own shows. See where their performing here.

Didn’t catch Vintage Trouble‘s Leno performance? It will likely be posted on The Tonight Show’s Music page in the next few days.

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