Hasbro Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase

Hasbro Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase – Photo Credit: Hasbro

Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase is a party game that gets everyone on their feet and giggling within minutes. Played a bit like Hot Potato, players need to pass the electronic game before the buzzer goes off. To do this, they have to give their teammates clues to what the secret word or phrase is. The game can’t be passed until the word or phrase is guessed and that’s the fun.

Clues can’t be given as rhyming words or “begins with”, but just about everything else is fair game. Body language and facial expressions during the game are hilarious, as is the way the device is passed from team to team. Yes, a drop or two can happen in the haste to get rid of it before the buzzer goes off because whoever has the game when it does, gives a point to the other team. The winning team is the team that gets to seven points first. Sounds easy, huh!

There are five categories in the Scrabble Electronic Catch Phrase game to choose from – Entertainment, Fun & Games, The World, Everyday Life, and Variety. The categories mean that everyone at the party will likely find success.

The game is intended for ages 12+, but younger kids would probably enjoy the game with adult assistance as they won’t likely understand all of the words and phrases. I didn’t find any objectionable or adult-only phrases or words, but I’m sure I only saw a fraction of them. In fact, there are plenty of words/phrases included so you won’t feel like you’ve learned the game before you’re tired of playing it.

The game keeps score for you – I love that! It’s a well-made and sturdy game and a great way to get a crowd of people interacting and having fun.

Buy Hasbro Scrabble Catch Phrase

The game retails for around $20 and is available at local store who sell games as well as online.