I don’t drink often, but when I do I like a girly drink. By that I mean it has to be sweet, frosty cold, and cute. I recently got the chance to share a new wine drink from Old World Gourmet (OWG) ; they’re an upscale food and beverage company that’s created some innovative beverages.

OWG created a line of frozen wine mixers called Vino-Licious Mix. They’re a frozen wine party drink mix that when added to wine and then tossed in the freezer, it becomes an icy wine cocktail! The flavors are made to be mixed with either red or white wine; just pick your favorite, add the mix, and then freeze it until you’re ready to serve.

The red wine flavors include Blueberry Pomegranate, Sangria, and Wine Ice. The white wine flavors are frozen Lemoncillo, Margarita, and Peach Bellini.

My Vino-Licious Wine Mix Taste Test

I tried out the Lemoncillo Vino-Licious which is flavored for a white wine. Creating the drink was easy – one bottle of wine, one bottle of water, the Vino-Licious mix. I blended it as directed in a gallon zip lock bag and then closed it up and stuck it in the freezer.

I did all this at 6pm on New Year’s Eve. I expected to be drinking by 10pm, and I was. Right at the 4 hour mark my drink had the slushy consistency I was looking for so I poured out the icy cocktail into a wine glass, topped it with a cherry, added a straw and had myself a little party for one.

Lemoncillo Vino-Licious Review

I loved the taste of the mix by itself (like a pixie stick with punch) but I wasn’t as fond of it mixed with the white wine. That’s my fault. All we had on hand was a very dry Pinot Grigio – I think a sweet white would be a better match or even a sweet champagne. It turns out there are suggestions for the right wine on the sides of the box. Unfortunately  I noticed that AFTER I made the Lemoncillo. Next time I’ll purchase the appropriate varietal for a better experience.

What I do love is that the mixes are all natural! Nothing artificial. They do add calories to your drink but it also cuts the amount of alcohol in half since you’re adding the equivalent  amount of water to wine.

I kept the mix in the freezer and had others in the family try. They agreed with me that the wine wasn’t a good choice for the Lemoncillo. I’ll try again in a few weeks with some of the other flavors.

Buy Vino-Licious

OWG is sold online and in retail stores across the country and sells for $10 (discounted multi-packs are available online in the Old World Gourmet store).