Save Oogave

I hate when a great company with an amazing product struggles. Oogave is one such company. They’re working to break out from under the big soda pop companies with a healthier alternative, but they’re at a point where they may have to close down their operation.

Saving a Small Business

Oogave is an amazing organic soda pop manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. They’ve been making their branded beverage since 2009 and yes, I’ve tried it and loved it. For them to go out of business now when American’s are finally starting to take a look at the quality of the food they eat and drink is a shame.

That’s why the company has started an SAVE OOGAVE website which includes a CrowdFunding opportunity. The new campaign will start on January 21st, but if you’re interested, visit the site to see why they’re so passionate about their business and about providing a healthy alternative to the artificially flavored beverages put out by the big soda companies.

Who is Oogave?

What is Oogave?

As I mentioned, I have tried all of the Oogave flavors and LOVED them. My favorite flavor? Grapefruit! It’s so refreshing and delicious! My only regret is I can’t find it locally so my first step in helping them was to put in a request with my primary grocery store, Amazon Fresh, to stock it. If enough people do the same with their favorite store, more people will be exposed to it. Sure it’s more expensive because they don’t use cheap chemicals, they use real food products, but it’s worth it.

My next step will be to invest some money in them through their CrowdSource campaign which will go live next week.

What about you? Can you help keep Oogave in business by supporting their website, requesting their product in your local store, or by joining the CrowdFunding opportunity?

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