School of MTV

Some people make life really, really hard. It doesn’t have to be that way and in fact, watching MTV can teach you everything you ever needed to know about all the important things in life.

16 & Pregnant” teaches me that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, pregnancy leads to birth, and birth leads to babies who need 24/7 care. It means I won’t be finishing high school, won’t be with the man who got me pregnant, and only in very rare cases will I live happily ever after.

Teen Mom” reminds me that life doesn’t get any better when I’m young and immature. That starting something new means getting to quit as soon as it gets too hard and that switching partners is as easy as turning on and off the light switch. Plus it means a new mug shot on TMZ!

Teen Mom 2” serves the lesson that poor choices continue the spiral into lives filled with drama but with my MTV paycheck I’ll be able to afford a hot new ride.

Catfish” taught me that if I have a relationship with someone that’s through Facebook, it’s likely a crazy person. In all the shows I’ve watched, they never, ever found the person who the FB profile belongs to. In the end the 8 months to 10 years spent saying, “I love you baby,” will be wasted on someone I’ll never, ever be with. But hey, we can still be friends, right?

Friend Zone” teaches the lesson that if I’m best friends with someone of the opposite sex it’s likely he/she isn’t interested in dating me. Confronting him and I’ll not only NOT get a dating partner, but I’ll lose my best friend. Choices…..choices….

And all the rest of the MTV line up is a lesson on what people will do for their chance at their 15-minutes of fame. Heck, if the Jersey Shore kids can become millionaires by drinking and having sex on screen, what’s a girl like me got to do to get there too?

Off to watch some more MTV to find out. Wish me luck!
Where do you get your life lessons?