GH Creators Just the Caramel Corn

GH Cretors Just the Caramel Corn

When it comes to crunchy snacks there are plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, most of them are made with additives, preservatives, and from GMO ingredients which have never been found to be safe. But there are better choices and you don’t have to fill your body with substandard food!

I got the chance to check out an all-natural flavored popcorn that’s made from GMO-free corn and I have to tell you, it was fantastic! So amazing that my family ate it all up before I was able to take photos of it. I have one quick snapshot before the bowl walked off and was enjoyed by my son.

The popcorn was provided by GH Cretors, a company who believes as I do that you don’t need artificial colors and flavors to make popcorn taste good. Instead, they use quality ingredients so the result is a tasty product made from real food ingredients.

GH Cretors makes their flavored popcorn with brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup because it has a low glycemic value so it’s delicately sweet without being sickly sweet – a nice perfect combination with the saltiness of the popcorn. Brown rice syrup also has some nutritional benefits not found in corn syrup or refined sugars. The result is a crispiness on the popcorn and not a sticky mess!

But what sells me on GH Cretors’ flavored popcorn is their stance on the use of GMO’s in their product. They refuse to use them as do I. And for you folks who have a problem digesting gluten, their popcorn is a natural gluten-free snack!

GH Cretors Sampler PackOur Taste Test

The company makes several flavors of popcorn including Just the Caramel Corn, Just the Cheese Corn, Chicago Mix, Kettle Corn, and Caramel Nut Crunch. If you’re trying them for the first time, I heartily recommend the GH Cretors Sampler Pack which includes all 5-varieties for $19.98. I tried them all and loved all of them with the exception of the Chicago Mix. It’s a personal choice; others in the family loved it.

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