Samsung Galaxy Camera 21x zoom and 16-megapixel resolution

Samsung Galaxy Camera – 21x zoom and 16-megapixel resolution

I’ve been using the new Samsung Galaxy Camera for a few weeks now. It’s my first Android device (I’ve had a few others that I used for just a short time) so there’s some learning curve there. I’m starting to get the hang of what the device can do, so I thought I’d share my initial reactions with you now.

First, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is every parent and blogger’s dream. It’s a camera with internet features; not an internet device with camera features. The distinction is important. While my iPhone 4 takes fine photos, they’re not fabulous; its purpose is to connect to voice and internet. Conversely, the Samsung Galaxy Camera is first and for most a fabulous camera with an amazing 21x lens that happens to connect you instantly to the internet so you can share, surf, and more.

The first thing you’ll notice about this new device is its size. It fits comfortably in the hand and balances nicely with the grip, even when the lens is fully deployed. That’s important when you want to take a quick snapshot and you need a steady hand. Plus because it’s a camera first, it has a manual shutter button and zoom control as well as a digital option as well.

The camera shoots beautifully in auto mode and for now the vast majority of my photos are taken that way. But I’ve started exploring the manual and expert options as well. The macro option allows me to take some photos in the kitchen that until now I wasn’t able to do with my standard camera. As I learn more about the manual functions I’ll feature them as well.

This is an unedited photo take with my Samsung Galaxy Camera in my dark kitchen at night

This is an unedited photo take with my Samsung Galaxy Camera in my dark kitchen at night  in the macro mode – no flash

The device connects to the internet via Wi-fi or with an AT&T data plan. I’ve used both and they’re fast and reliable.  I can snap a photo and have it on the internet within seconds. Generally no editing is required, but should I want to make some changes, there’s a complete set of tools to improve my shot.

You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Camera  from AT&T and you don’t need a data plan or even be a customer to do so, but to get the most from the camera you should. If you’re already an AT&T Mobile Share Plan member then you can add the camera for just $10 a month.

A shot taken in the auto mode in my dark kitchen at night, no flash

A shot taken in the auto mode, no editing, no flash – taken at night in my dark kitchen with the Samsung Galaxy Camera

We’ll be using the camera in the next few weeks on several blogging campaigns and I’m pretty excited about being able to share instantly with you. I’ll be working on my skills and I hope you’ll be able to tell the difference in my photos.

So what can’t theSamsung Galaxy Camerado? Make phone calls. Well technically if you connect to Skype or Google Voice you can, but it’s not a cellphone. With that one limitation, it does absolutely everything else and it does it beautifully. Since I rarely use my cellphone for voice, this actually is a perfect device for me. I can email, text, and tweet right from the camera.

So what do you think? Pretty amazing, huh!