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I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of a new-age girl. I love the whole ambiance of a great masseuse’s office. I’ve had acupuncture and loved it and I believe in alternative medicines. As part of that, I believe that relaxation can help make a body whole and as a society we spend far too much time stressing about non-important things and not enough just being. Sitting still. Appreciating the little things like the sounds of kids playing, birds singing, rain on the roof, etc.

There’s a website that feels the same way I do. Serenity Health is an online store for people like me. They carry great products that relieve stress, help you sleep, and more. They recently allowed me to pick an item to giveaway to one of you, so I chose something I’d love to own.

White Ceramic Cascade Solar FountainI picked their cascading bowl solar fountain. It’s meant for your outdoor living spaces; anywhere that gets some natural sunlight. The solar panel with its 10′ cable powers the 6 volt water pump that sends the water cascading from the top bowl into the collection basin. The solar panel doesn’t collect power, it works from direct sunlight. An optional indoor AC adapter is sold separately.

The fountain weighs 24 lbs so it’s a substantial piece plus it is 21” high x 15” wide x 17” long. All you’ll need to do is set it up, fill it with water, place the solar panel and enjoy! If you want to make it even more tranquil, add some potted plants to bring even more nature into your surroundings.

The fountain assemblies easily. If you need help, there’s an assembly video available. In fact, Serenity Health offers some great videos and more for all of their products so you’ll know how to use them when they arrive. I appreciate that the site is so comprehensive!

I’ll admit that I’m just a little jealous that one of you will be relaxing to the sounds of this babbling fountain soon, and then I remember that I live in Seattle and it would be hard-pressed to find enough sunlight around here anyway. Still, a girl can dream!

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