We made the decision not to buy a mattress pad....bad move on our part. Dog stains and soft drink spills stained it immediately.When we bought a new king size mattress a few months ago we opted out of buying a mattress cover. We figured that since we don’t have children, we didn’t really need one, and being a king size bed they can be pricey. We regretted that decision almost immediately.

Mattress Woes – Pups, Drinks, and More

It was the second night sleeping on the bed that I spilled Diet Coke on it. My one nutritional vice and now there was a permanent reminder of my discretion right there on the top of my pristine white mattress. It wasn’t long before there were other spills and stains and the next time I changed the sheets I found paw prints!

My two sweet little pups had left their mark on the end of the bed, right through the sheets. Silly me, I never even thought about that. That’s why when I was offered the chance to sample the Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement I said yes immediately! Not only does it protect for spills, stains, and pups, it does it by completely encasing your mattress!

It’s not just a topper, the AllerZip Mattress Protector’s Patented BugLock® has a three-sided zipper and AllerZip seal to protect your mattress from allergens like dog dander (uh, ick!), dust mites, and even bed bugs. The AllerZip seal is a layer of fabric which runs beneath the zipper for total protection.

The outside cover is smooth and feels fabulous under the sheet. It’s waterproof and stain proof features keeps liquids out, something I wish I’d had in place for the Diet Coke, but the best part is that it does all this without feeling or sounding like you’re lying on a plastic sheet – I love that! That’s because of their innovative Miracle Membrane® with Total Heat Transference Formula which allows the fabric to breathe while still blocking moisture. Because it breathes, we don’t sweat like you would from a plastic cover.

Our bed is completely protected now. Waterproof and bug proof but most importantly, dog proof!

AllerZip Mattress Protector Review

Getting the protector on it easier through a team effort, but getting it on by yourself is totally doable. I first tried removing the existing mattress stains without much luck. That slowed down the process a bit as I had to let it dry for a few hours to be sure I didn’t seal in the moisture. This 51-year old, very out-of-shape woman, got a king size [amazon_link id=”B000VNR3SS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Protect-A-Bed’s AllerZip® Smooth Mattress Encasement [/amazon_link] on a very floppy bed. Thankfully the cover was marked so I knew which way it fit and then I slipped the top half of the bed into the envelope and then pulled and shimmied the backside down the mattress and then followed up by zipping it up.

There was some grunting and sweating, and I surely got my workout in for the day, but I got it on no problem! It fit beautifully and with just enough stretch it fits like a glove. It turned my not-so-new-looking-any-more mattress into a brand new bed!

I highly recommend protecting your investment by covering it IMMEDIATELY after purchase. We’re sorry now we didn’t.

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