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The Girls - Jewel and Gracie enjoying a treat.

The Girls – Jewel and Gracie enjoying a treat.

Dogs are keenly aware of a household’s schedule and when things change, it can be hard on our furry friends. I know that’s true for our pups. They become more timid and shows signs of being fearful when we have visitors over and especially when the visitors bring along their pets.

There are ways you can minimize your dog’s holiday stress. One way is by maintaining normal schedules as much as possible and that includes the amount of time you’re away from the home and your pet is left alone. You can also keep her on her regular feeding regime and not introduce any new foods during this time. You may also want to keep her confined to a space outside of the noisy holiday celebrations that he’s familiar with.

Not enough? Then perhaps it’s time to try Comfort Zone® products.

Comfort Zone® with D.A.P.® products are meant to help reduce the stress-related behaviors that dogs can exhibit when under stress. These unpleasant behaviors can include defecating or urinating inside the house, barking, whining, and other annoying or destructive behaviors. The plug-in device is said to mimic a dog’s natural pheromones which helps her feel calmer and more comfortable and that should lead to a better behaved dog.

The company boasts a 95% effectiveness in the reduction of a dog’s stress-related barking and urine marking. Be aware though, this isn’t an instant fix. It can take the product up to 90 days for the full effect to be seen. Be sure to follow all package directions, including consulting your dog’s vet prior to using the pheromones plug-in if he has any medical issues.

Our neurotic little Pomeranian  - Jewel

Our neurotic little Pomeranian – Jewel

Comfort Zone® products are available at pet specialty stores like PetSmart, Petco, independent pet stores, and online. Want more info? Connect with Comfort Zone® products on Facebook.