Harvard Sweet Boutique Holiday Box

Harvard Sweet Boutique Holiday Box

I love sending food gifts for Christmas, but I’m really choosy about what I send. Generally I won’t send something that isn’t the best available. Why waste the postage on junk treats that can be found at any supermarket, when there are so many gourmet options to be had!

I recently got the chance to experience holiday treats from Harvard Sweet Boutique.  Founded 5 years ago, the online bakery bakes up their indulgent treats the way I would if I had time; by hand and with fresh, all-natural ingredients. They’re committed to excellence and that’s obvious in the taste of their bars and cookies.

All-Natural Baked Treats Delivered to Your Door

Their scratch baking sweet treats include cookies, brownies, and toffees and each is as stunning looking as it tastes. The pure double-strength vanilla extract shines through as does the real butter – nothing artificial here!

Harvard Sweet Boutique has a gift box for every occasion including birthday, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, New Baby, Get Well, etc. Each is filled with cookies or bars and ready for your gift recipient.

We got a holiday box with a sampling of some of their flavors. We sampled the Vanilla Sea Salt Caramel Brownies which are rich chocolate brownies with a creamy caramel filling. So delicious! The Chocolate Swirl Almond Toffee is buttery good with swirls of Swiss white and bittersweet chocolates and topped with roasted almonds. It’s chewy, rather than crunchy, and oh so good!

The Ginger Molasses cookies were chewy and spiced beautifully. We loved the Cinnamon-Sugar Snickerdoodles – they were faintly reminiscent of an eggnog cookie we used to love and the Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookies were out of this world good. We fell in love with the Coconut Cookies which were the best cookie hands down. A light, sweet cookie with crispy edges; we may have tussled a bit to see who got to finish it.

Harvard Sweet Boutique Cookies, Brownies, and more

Harvard Sweet Boutique Cookies, Brownies, and more

The cookies are large and each can easily be shared. Same for the brownies – these are generously sized! They come individually wrapped so they stay fresh and the moist items stay moist and the crispy items stay crisp!

Gift Ideas

Need a gift for someone on a special diet? Harvard Sweet Boutique makes gluten-free gourmet treats as well as low-carb varieties. Prices start at around $20 and go up depending on the number of treats and shipping is a flat rate of just $5!

Who would you send a box of delicious gourmet treats to?