Our favorite little house in Leavenworth

Our favorite little house in Leavenworth

My hubby and I took a quick trip across the mountains for some alone time. We don’t do it often and this isn’t usually a time of year we get away, but we really needed it this year.

We’ve been staying the last few days in a small little house we last stayed in 6 years ago. Some of it is exactly as we remember it – like the horrible sofa sleeper and the tiny double bed in the bedroom. Other parts have been upgraded like flameless candles an LED lights. But the most notable addition is the key code entry lock. A nice touch, but I’m not one to remember codes. Knowing this, I wrote it on a piece of paper and stuck it in my pocket. My husband has issues with remembering things as well, so he decided to write it on his hand.

Our methods of retaining the code worked well until last night when the hubby decided to go skinny dipping in the hot tub. He had slippers and a small white towel – not a thing else. I decided to join him so I put on my bathing suit and headed out the door. The moment I shut the door I remembered that the doors lock automatically and of course I didn’t have my code. The hubby, realizing what I’d done, immediately searched his hand and alas the chlorinated water had already erased it.

I will admit. I panicked just a bit. While I did have on a bathing suit, that was my sole piece of clothing. No shoes, not a towel, nothing. It was about 25 degrees out. The hubby was buck naked and the only window I knew I’d left open was the kitchen window and there was NO WAY he’d be able to get around to the side of the house and up into that window without showing off his 53-year old, albeit very fit, body to the whole world.

The snow on the left was the depth when we got here - on the right when we went out for a soak

The snow on the left was the depth when we got here – on the right when we went out for a soak. That’s the hubby wearing a robe on his way out for another relaxing soak in the tub.

Thankfully, for some very weird reason the code came to my husband so he sent me around to the door to try out the code and voila! It worked! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a green light before.

Who says getting old is boring. We’ve managed to have an eventful time!