My hands are freezing!  Leavenworth, WA December 16, 2012

My hands are freezing! Leavenworth, WA December 16, 2012

I hate when I go on vacation and I realize once I’m there I’ve forgotten something important. No matter how many lists I make, it always happens. Unfortunately, this time my forgotten item was the brand new Bed Buddy Pocket Warmers that arrived a few weeks ago. I carefully set them aside for the next chance to use them and promptly forgot where.

We’re in Leavenworth, a little town near the mountains in Eastern Washington. Our first night here we ventured out in the snow and how I longed for something to keep my fingers warm! Bed Buddy Pocket Warmers are perfect for snow and cold weather because they keep your hands warm, but that’s not the only time I’ll be using them this winter. I have typed for 30+ years and my fingers get very sore and painful in the winter. This year I’ll be using the moist heat the Pocket Warmers offer to help with my aches and pains in my wrist and fingers.

Carex Bed Buddy Pocket Warmers

Carex Bed Buddy Pocket Warmers

New ThermaTherapy® Pocket Warmers Target Aches & Pains with Moist Heat

The pocket warmers heat quickly in the microwave in about 15 seconds, providing warmth for up to half an hour. That’s just enough time for your little one to get to school or over to the neighbor’s house.  You can also use these in your slippers to warm up your toes or any other part of your body that needs a little penetrating warmth.

carex logoCarex’s Bed BuddyPocket Warmers can be purchased online or at local retailers. They retail for about $8.99 and since they can be reused over and over, unlike disposable hand warmers, they’re an economical way to warm your hands.

Still looking for great gift ideas? These make great stocking stuffers for anyone who needs a little warmth this Christmas!

For more information about the Bed Buddy Pocket Warmers or any of their other products, visit or call 781.871.2710.

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