Downton Abbey Season 3 begins on PBS January 2013

Downton Abbey Season 3 begins on PBS January 2013

I’m a huge fan of BBC TV and one of my favorite imports is “Downton Abbey.” It’s just been renewed for season 4 in the UK and season 3 is set to air on PBS beginning Sunday, January 6, 2013 at 9/8c. PBS shares it as part of its MASTERPIECE CLASSIC series – some of the best TV available.

If you’re new to the series you’ll want to catch up just because the stories are so very good. Season 2 is replaying through the month of December on PBS, but you can also purchase Season 1 and 2 in DVD format or download them from several online sources. Some of the subscription services (Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu Plus) also have season available.

Not up for watching the two season you’ve missed? Or just want to catch up before starting season 3? Check out the 5-minute video recap that will take  you through the first two seasons –

My UK TV Favorites

There are a few other UK shows I recommend – “Spy” on Hulu Plus is the UK’s version of “Get Smart” but in a more clever manner.  “Whites” (also on Hulu Plus)  – a clever chef-centered show which has great characters. I also love, “Call the Midwife”  (PBS) which is based on a book (available online, at bookstores, or at your library). It’s set in the East End of London in the 1950’s. It’s sad and unbelievable what poor women when through in having children in that time and place (sadly it’s still happening around the world as we speak).

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Check your PBS Local Listings for the date and time in your area. While you’re there, set up an account to get emailed reminders when your favorite PBS shows are on!


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