He had a tumor on his bladder. We knew he would be leaving us, but that doesn’t make it any easier to lose my beloved pet. Today we had to say good-bye to him. I still can’t believe it. I keep waiting to hear his nails on the floor. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to stop missing him. He was my protector, my confidant, and my constant companion. I was so blessed to be his.

To my Sweet Boy,

I remember the day you chose us. I insisted my boys needed to grow up knowing the love of a dog. Even though your future human father was not keen on the idea but he went along with it. He built you a kennel and intended for you to stay in it. I think you spent a total of four hours in it and then you got yourself into his heart and our bed.

You hunted with him and snuggled with me. You were the perfect dog, no doubt about it. Everyone loved you – you were kind, gentle, sweet, and always happy. Even today, as the hubby loaded you up for your last car ride, you smiled, wagged your tail, and were excited about the adventure. You left this world snuggled up in the lap of the man you adored. He is broken, and so grief stricken. He couldn’t have loved you more and taking you today was so very, very hard for him.

For fourteen years you never missed barking when someone knocked at the door. Even when you went deaf, the other dogs barking finally got to you long after the person was gone and you’d start your warning to them. Someone just knocked and for the first time since we brought you home as a pup and you didn’t add to the chaos. Oh, how I wish your sweet voice was still here. Oh, how I miss the deep tone of your bark.

Good night my sweet boy. We loved you as much as anything else in this world, and your loss is felt so profoundly it hurts.

With so much love, respect, and honor.