My Verizon Nokia 822 Phone - a cellphone packed with amazing features but so affordable

My Verizon Nokia 822 Phone – a cellphone packed with amazing features but so affordable

We finally left the cell phone company we’ve been with for the last 8 years. It wasn’t an easy decision. Our service was heavily discounted because of our longevity and goodness knows trying to figure out which company to go with is quite the headache. But the decision was finally based on the availability of service. We needed better coverage here in Seattle and led us to Verizon.

We’ve been working on the switchover for about two weeks now. There have been some bumps along the road, but Verizon’s corporate stores have picked up the ball and fixed things twice now. For that I’m grateful.

With this new service I’ve finally gotten a smartphone. Yes, I know. I’m about the last person to get one, but I just couldn’t justify the cost before. Now that our oldest son has moved off our service, there’s room in the budget for both my husband and I to move up the cellphone food chain and we’re both the proud owners of internet accessible devices.

Now that I’m a Verizon customer, I’ll be working with them to introduce you to new phones in the next few months. The first one has already arrived and I’m loving it. The Nokia Lumia 822 is exclusive to Verizon. In fact, I got the chance to speak with the Nokia folks last week to find out more about this new partnership.

First, Nokia believes in Windows Phone 8 so much, it’s the only operating system they’ll be designing new phones for. The Lumia 822 makes use of the features of Windows 8 and it’s the basis for some phone-specific features like Nokia City Lens, Nokia Drive, and Nokia Music. All three of these apps are ones that I use frequently and they really enhance the usefulness of the phone.

Nokia City Lens for Nokia Lumia: Augmented Reality Browser

Nokia City Lens is an augmented reality browser that lets you see what’s available around you – restaurants and more. I could try to explain it, but the video above is a great overview of all that the app can do and how it does it. It works as beautifully as the video demonstrates and is perfect when you’re travelling, are somewhere new, or just want to discover new places in your regular hangouts.

Nokia Drive Can Make Your Commute Even Easier

Nokia Drive is more than just a mapping or GPS driving directions app. It actually learns your habits – like what time you leave for work, what routes you take, where you stop along the way. Once it learns these things, it automatically checks your regular routes against the day’s traffic and it can actually wake you up early if you’ll need the extra time to get to work that day. It keeps monitoring your route to make suggestions if traffic conditions change until you get to your location.  It’s pretty amazing.

The Verizon Nokia  Lumia 820 is Feature-rich CellphoneNokia Music

The popular music app Pandora is not yet available for Windows 8 Mobile; however, you likely won’t miss it because the phone ships with Nokia Music. The free streaming app allows you to listen to music of just about any genre. Said to have more tracks than Pandora, there are some differences. You can skip songs, but you won’t be able to note which tracks you don’t like, so they can appear in your stream again. Here’s hoping that in the future you’ll be able to denote which tracks you’d like removed permanently from your stream. The actual sound quality of the music is fabulous and the variety to choose from is vast – they’ve got a great catalog of music to choose from.

What I Love about the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822

There are so many great things about the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822. Like the size. It’s got a huge screen in a small profile which fits beautifully in my hand. It’s weighted well so it’s easy to use with one hand and all of the control buttons are within easy reach. The Windows 8 interface took no time at all to get acquainted with and I loved the speed of the device when searching, playing videos, etc. There are also so many ways to customize the phone to suite my needs – colors, arrangement, sounds, and more.

The 8MP auto focus rear-facing camera has a Carl Zeiss lens and dual-LED flash – about the best available in any cellphone. It also comes equipped with a  1.2MP HD front-facing camera with a wide angle lens. You can download Smart Shoot lenses from the Windows Phone Store. There are so many fabulous features packed into this camera it truly deserves a post of its own.

Room for Improvement

There are a few downsides to the Windows 8 operating system for me personally which makes the phone not a perfect fit for me. First, two of the apps I use daily, Hootesuite and Instagram, are not yet available for Windows 8 so that’s a bit a deal breaker for me. Secondly, the screen resolution is a bit low for these old eyes. The letters appear fuzzy even with my glasses on.

Still with these minor issues, it’s an amazing phone and I love the three built-in apps that make for such a rich user experience.

Purchase the Verizon Nokia Lumia 822

Purchase the Nokia Lumia 822 cellphone and accessories online at the Verizon website or at your local Verizon store. Please check the website for the current price and activation requirements.

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