Soundfreaq Sound Kick Portable SpeakerThe Soundfreaq Sound Kick (SFQ-04) is a portable audio speaker for your wireless devices. It has a chamber that closes for travel so it’s a compact little speaker (the chamber must be extended for the unit to power on). It will play 5 to 7 hours on its built-in LiOn battery and you can charge your mobile device, wireless headsets, and other accessories through the Sound Kick’s USB power port even when you’re using it in the battery mode (the volume is limited to 70% of capacity when charging in battery mode).

Measuring just 10.5” wide x 4.2” tall x 1.6” thick, the Soundfreaq Sound Kick has a small footprint in a nondescript black box (newer colors are available now including white called Ghost and Chromatics – a rainbow of colors). There’s not a lot to the Sound Kick. It’s a black plastic box with a series of buttons on the top and a white light bar on the front. The light tells you when the device is ready for syncing and the tiny buttons on the top control the unit. You can also use your smartphone controls once it’s synched to change the volume.

Sync your device and you can stream your audio for up to 33’. You can also connect your device via the line-in jack (a standard 3.5mm headphone jack). I generally use mine with the line-in jack because I’ve never been able to get my iPhone to sync with it. It’s user error – my son can sync my phone just fine.

New SoundFreaq Kick Sound Colors

New SoundFreaq Kick Sound Colors

I really enjoy the UQ3 spatial sound enhancement feature. It makes for a stereo sound from this one small speaker. It’s a noticeable improvement when playing music. The speaker has amazing sound quality and it’s really improved my listening experience. I’d previously been listening to music through my TV and thought it was fine. Now that I’ve experienced the rich sound of the Sound Kick I realize I’d been missing out by putting up with the sub-par speakers I’d been using.  I do think the Ghost and Chromatics are fabulous and I would have loved one of them instead of the standard black. That said, the black blends into the decor a bit easier.

The Sound Kick is compatible with your tablet, smartphone, tablet, A2DP compatible devices (PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), Android, Blackberry devices, and Windows and Mac PCs. It’s the perfect gift for any music lover!

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.