Chip Wade stars in Elbow Room on HGTV (photo credit:

Chip Wade stars in Elbow Room on HGTV (photo credit:

Chip Wade is a familiar face if you’re an HGTV addict like me. He’s been seen on HGTV’s Designed to SellCurb Appeal: The Block, Design Star, and Showdown since 2007. He’s an Atlanta-based builder with a degree in mechanical engineering and the owner of his own firm, Wade Works LLC..

Wade’s now stars in his own series, Elbow Room, on HGTV where he helps home DIY’ers transform their spaces into homes that suit their lifestyle. As a fan of the TV genre, you can be sure I’ll be checking out his new show. Plus I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wade before on a tool campaign and I’ve loved his hints and tips for home improvement so I know that by watching I’ll be able to apply some of the tips to my own home renovations.

Chip was nice enough to answer some questions about home repair for me via video. I wasn’t able to ask the questions in person, it was the same day as the Windows  8 and Toy Guy events here in Seattle, so I sent my questions in ahead of time and Chip took care of the rest.

Wade answered my questions about getting ready company and he confirmed my suspicions about needing a new toilet. As someone who’s suffered a massive toilet flood during Christmas in the past (over $2500 in damage and 3 enormous dehumidifiers in our home running 24/7 for 2 weeks), the thought of it happening again has me looking for solutions for a toilet that’s clogging much too often. Wade goes into details about how to install my new toilet and why I need one.

He went on to answer my question about frozen pipes and yes, he’s right, we don’t have  shutoff valves inside the house. It’s something I’m going to have to look into. We do use the cheaper solution he suggested.

I also asked him about keeping my walkways ice-free without harming my plants and animals. He suggested heated mats (which I’ve never heard of) and I’ll be looking into them soon! It sounds like a perfect way to take care of the issue.

My final question was about a leaking faucet. It’s been leaking for about a year and I know that’s a huge waste of water. Chip gave me some simple solutions to fixing the problem that I’ll be trying this weekend.

Check out the video. Chip Wade did a fabulous job of making the fixes easy enough even for me! Special thanks to Delta Faucet for allowing me to pick Chip’s brain to make sure my home is ready for the holidays.