Funny and Raunchy Christmas Sweaters - Not for everyone, but I think they're hilarious.

Funny and Raunchy Christmas Sweaters – Not for everyone, but I think they’re hilarious.

How can you not love a company that makes fun of itself, but also puts their profits to good use? I can’t resist a company like that and that’s why when I found out about the Tipsy Elves and their Raunchy Christmas Sweaters, I couldn’t help but giggle and then find out more. First they’re an online store that sells, “Not your mama’s Christmas sweaters,” and boy are they right. These sweaters are downright raunchy, silly, and mostly hilarious.

With Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties being so popular, these sweaters are perfect and they’ll put the fun back into your holidays. These sweaters look and feel like top quality Christmas sweaters because they are. What’s different is the patterns. They’ve taken standard holiday patterns and themes and kicked them up a notch. No, they’re not for everyone, but my son will be wearing his new Raunchy Sweater to his Ugly Christmas Sweater party and I’m sure they’ll be more than a few people who’ll think he’s gotten the theme wrong until they look closely at the pattern. Yes, it’s subtle!

My son got the Reindeer Double Date but he also loved the Yellow Snow Sweater and the Headless Frosty version. The Candy Cane Sweater Vest screams Blaine from Glee.

Santa and his Elves Sweaters for the whole family

Santa and his Elves Sweaters for the whole family

Kids Reindeer Hat (one size - fits adults too)

Kids Reindeer Hat (one size – fits adults too)

I love the Santa and Elf sweaters. They’re a great couple’s outfit and a nice change from the typical Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Plus they have kid-size elf sweaters – too adorable! These are statement sweaters that will last you for many years to come. Quality made and true to size for a great fit and even better, they’re machine washable!

But least you think it’s all in bad taste, the Tipsy Elves give back to their community. By buying their sweaters, you’ll be helping children in need. They have two current campaigns – one that counts their Facebook likes and donates $1 of merchandise for every FB like and their Sweaters 4 Sweaters campaign which donates non-naughty sweaters to kids in need here in the US.

There’s a sweater for everyone, including your pup. Have some fun this holiday season and check out the sweaters at the Tipsy Elves. You may just find one that’s perfect. Or take a peek at their accessories line – adorable reindeer hats, silly Santa hats, ties, winter scarves, silly eye wear, and more.

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Photo Credit: These are stock photos – I’ll hopefully have a picture of my son here soon.