JTSplatMaster and Free Ammo for a Limited Time

JTSplatMaster and Free Ammo for a Limited Time

My kids grew up paint balling and boy was it an expensive sport! First there were the field fees, then the guns which started at $100 and went up. Plus there was the cost of protective gear – pads, helmets, Underarmour, gloves, etc. And of course the cost of paintballs and CO2 canisters. Still, we didn’t mind the expense because it was a fun activity they could do together, it ran them ragged, and it got them outdoors.

Now there’s a paintball gun that’s affordable and it’s meant to be used at home so no expensive fees! The JT SplatMaster z200 shotgun is just $39.99 so it’s affordable. It holds 15 rounds of the JT SPlatmaster Ammo and includes a reusable target and game instructions.

The JT SPlatMaster ammo is 100% biodegradable and it’s non-staining. It completely washes away with water from most surfaces. The paintballs are a bit thinner than the field variety so they burst more easily. Be warned, don’t drop the box of paintballs on the ground (I did and we lost about half of the paintballs). They’re made thinner because they need to break with less impact. That’s because unlike field guns, this one does not require CO2 or batteries to work.  It has a spring loaded velocity of about 110-150 ft per second. Yes, you’ll feel them when they hit, but they won’t likely leave the welts the kids brought home from the field.

JT SplatMaster – General Shooting – Safety

Of course, safety equipment helps – long-sleeved shirts, denim jeans, and a jacket will help keep the balls from connecting with the bare skin. I also highly recommend eye protection and JT sells several at very reasonable prices. The JT SplatMaster Optix Goggles are just $19.99 and they meet or exceed regulated ASTM safety standards for eye protection against JT SplatMaster Ammo. And JT  has put together an entire series of safety videos (like the one above) to be sure your child is ready for the responsibility of playing with this gun.

JT SplatMaster Optix Goggles

JT SplatMaster Optix Goggles

JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgut Review

My son, whose last gun cost over $300, tried the JT SplatMaster z200 gun out and found it to be extremely accurate and easy to use. The gun is the perfect size for backyard fun and close-quarter gun fights. It’s also perfect for target shooting. It’s recommended for kids ages 9+ but was perfectly comfortable for an adult as well.

Buy the JT SplatMaster Z200

The gun, ammo, and protective gear are available online at retailers like Amazon.com, the JT website (for a limited time, purchase this gun and get a free ammo grenade) , and at local retailers like Walmart.

Additional Information

Visit the JTSplatMaster.com website or Facebook Page. Additional safety videso can be found on the JTSplatMaster Safety Page.

Win a JT SplatMaster Z200 Bundle

One lucky winner will win the paintball gun, protective eye wear, and an ammo grenade. ARV $65

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