Kidde Worry-Free Alarms

Kidde Worry-Free Alarms

There are some things you can put off in life. Having a working fire alarm isn’t one of them. Did you remember to check your batteries earlier this month when the time changed? If not, stop what you’re doing and do it now. And then consider upgrading your current alarm (hopefully alarms) with the new Kidde Worry-free models.

I know, it’s annoying having to remember to check batteries  and deal with a chirping alarm. But did you know that this minor annoyance costs lives every year? It’s a sad statistic, but the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) found that the number one reason that smoke alarms fail in a home fire is that someone has removed or disconnected the battery. Another 23% have a dead battery. Please don’t be a statistic. Change your batteries every six months and buy the best detector you can afford. If you’re low income, contact your local housing authority for information where you can get free or reduced rates on alarms.

My husband is a firefighter and he sees this every day in his job so you can be we’re very protected when it comes to alarms. We replace one or two a year to keep the cost down and we keep 9 volt batteries on hand for late night replacements. We’ve just tried the new Kidde Worry-free model and we love it and it could be the answer to the age-old problem of people not caring for their detectors.

Kidde Aims to Make Life Worry-Free for Homeowners

The benefits of the Kidde Worry-free models is that that have a long-life sealed lithium battery so there’s no checking the batteries or handling late night  chirping. It provides up to 10 years of continuous use, is maintenance free, and you never have to buy a battery for it (saving you up to $40 over 10 years). When the 10-years is up, you remove it, dispose of it, and replace it. It’s that simple!

Don’t worry if you’re a terrible cook. Should you have an accidental trigger, there’s a 7-minute hush button that silences the alarm and gives you time to clear out the smoke and order dinner in.

At only $25 to $50 per unit, the Kidde Worry-free smoke alarm models are an inexpensive way to secure your first line of defense from a home fire. That’s just $5 a YEAR! Ask for a Kidde smoke alarm for Christmas or give one to someone you love. This is the perfect gift for a new homeowner, elderly parents, or new parents (you know you should have one in every sleeping area, right?).

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