LaTanya is enjoying her NIVEA Spa Pack - #NIVEAmoments #CBias #SocialFabric

LaTanya is enjoying her NIVEA Spa Pack

This has been a week of should haves, could haves, and would haves….I’ve been ill for 7 days and missed so many fabulous events, including my beloved mother-in-law’s 80th birthday celebration. I’d also had to cancel a spa night with my sister and nieces. I couldn’t set a date since I didn’t know when I’d be well or if I was contagious.

I was finally feeling a little more like myself today so I made a dash out in the cold and wet Pacific Northwest night to Sam’s Club and a few other stores to pick up so impromptu spa party supplies. (See my rainy night shopping excursion to Sam’s Club in photos here)  Since it was such short notice and I’m not sure I’m not contagious, I only invited people I’ve already exposed to whatever I’m ill with, so men were invited as well!

Sam's Club Shopping Trip - #NIVEAmoments #CBias #SocialFabric

Sam’s Club Shopping Trip

DIY Spa Night

I picked up a bonus pack of NIVEA at Sam’s Club. It came with two full-size pump bottles and one travel size. I appreciated the NIVEA Sam’s Club value and it’s a nice way to be sure you have plenty on hand for the winter months. NIVEA is one of the brands I used when the kids were little – it was gentle on their skin.

I’d really hoped to find a footbath – I’ve wanted one forever and it just sounded like a great way to relax. I was hoping for one that soaks, heats, and massages; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find one. The stores I shopped said they’re seasonal and won’t be available in stores until closer to Christmas. Blah!

So I changed plans and picked up some lotion socks to keep the moisture in overnight as well as some spa wraps that are heated in the microwave. They’re fabulous on cold, wet nights like tonight.

The guys enjoying our NIVEA spa night #cbias

The guys enjoying our NIVEA spa night

NIVEA Spa Night with the Family #cbias

NIVEA Spa Night with the Family

We started a fire, loaded up on the sweets and added mugs of hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee, and tea. Then we giggled and talked about the kids’ upcoming wedding plans and broke the news to Grandma that they were getting married in 2013 and not 2014. Now on any other night that news might have been met with anxiety…but thanks to the spa candles and treats she took the news well.

We relaxed, watched a holiday show on PBS, and enjoyed a little pampering while we shopping online for ugly sweaters for Christmas. It was a great way to start off the busiest time of the year and now we all have a few little weapons in our relaxation arsenal to get us through them!

Our Spa Party Basket of Goodies #cbias

Our Spa Party Basket of Goodies

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Spa Desserts #cbias

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