Shopping at Walmart for our Spider-man Movie Party #cbias

Shopping for Spider-man themed Market Fresh Pizzas at Walmart #cbias

Shopping for Spider-man themed Market Fresh Pizzas at Walmart

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I am hosting a Superhero Party to help celebrate the release of The Amazing Spider-man.  My husband and I are avid superhero fans so naturally we were thrilled with the opportunity to share our passion with our friends.

We did the Walmart exclusive pre-order of The Amazing Spider-man (read about our previous shopping trip: Pre-order THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Movie Walmart Exclusives). This lets us watch the film via before it comes out on DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra Violet.

To help prepare for my party my husband and I returned to our local Walmart for supplies. We bought a few Marketside Pizzas that had reality trigger points that that activated a Spider-man-themed game on my phone. This is exclusive to Walmart so if you are a big fan be sure to check it out.

Our guest of honor - Spider-man! #cbias

Our guest of honor – Spider-man!

In addition to pizzas we stocked up on soda, snack mix, and of course some party decorations.  I had some fake spider webs leftover from Halloween but I needed some more Spider-man gear to really set the mood for the evening.  To help with the theme I bought some Spider-man plates, napkins, and a great tablecloth. I found everything I needed for my party at Walmart and for a fantastic price!

The party was amazing, I got to share an evening with good friends and we got to catch the early release of The Amazing Spider-man! The day of the party I started by breaking out all of my decorations and went to town. I covered my food area with my new Spider-man tablecloth and covered the walls with spider webs/ I was sure to add spiders to the wall to really bring out the new wall coverings.  To enhance my decorations I placed Spider-man decor on the table around food.  This was a cute and easy way to dress up the food presentation.

Enjoying Walmart Marketside Pizza and the new Spider-man movie on  #cbias

#cbias Baking the Walmart Marketside Pizzas with Spider-man Triggers for my iPhone

Baking the Walmart Marketside Pizzas

As guests were starting to arrive I popped some frozen appetizers in the oven while I enjoyed a round of darts.  Our pizzas went in the oven and in less than 20 minutes dinner was served.  My husband started with the Five Cheese Marketside pizza which was awesome. The crust was fantastic and the cheese browned up really nicely.   Our guests enjoyed the pizza because as soon as I finished eating my slice I realized we needed to cook another one.  This time we opted for the Supreme pizza, it was really yummy. I loved the peppers!

After everyone had enjoyed some dinner we flicked the lights off and claimed our theatre seats in the living room.  My husband made some of his signature homemade popcorn and we started the movie. Being a fan of  the Spider-man franchise, I was excited to see how director Mike Webb would tell his story. Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) really connected with his character Spider-man.  He played an honest role and as an audience member I felt extremely connected to his character. Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey) was amazing in this movie. She kept her quirky personality which helped her shine. Rhys Ifans (Dr. Connors) did a great job playing the part of an obsessed scientist on the edge.

#cbias My friends got into the spirit and dressed as their favorite superhero!

My friends got into the spirit and dressed as their favorite superhero!

I have to say I am extremely impressed.  The movie was clearly about Peter Parker’s development into Spider-man but the biggest difference for me was how Mike Webb emphasized Peter’s awkwardness.  The movie was full of serious and heartfelt moments as well as plenty of good laughs. My personal audience was thrilled with the movie; it even received a standing ovation. Plus they went wild when the teaser for a potential sequel popped up.  We are so excited to see where the story goes from here.

Our movie crowd loved the film! #cbias

Our movie crowd loved the film!

Check out The Amazing Spider-man available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 9th.

Rated: PG13 ♦ Run Time: 136 minutes  ♦ Columbia Pictures

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