Disney's Wreck-It Ralph is in theatres now

Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph is in theatres now!

You’re 24 and you can see any movie you want today…so what do you head to the theatre to see? We’ll if you’re my son and his fiance, you go see Disney’s newest film “Wreck-It Ralph!” The duo joins millions of people out this weekend to check out this PG rated story about a game character who’s tired of being the “bad guy.” He heads out to do some good and claim his space in the arcade as a good guy.

Here are some film clips to get you in the mood:

Wreck-It Ralph – Film Clips “Felix Meets Sergeant Calhoun”

Wreck-It Ralph – Film Clip “Ralph & Vanellope Make a Deal”

Wreck-It Ralph – Film Clip “Ralph’s Gone Turbo”

Wreck-It Ralph – “Characters” Featurette

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WRECK-IT RALPH smashed into theaters everywhere 11/2/12!! I’ll let you know how the “kids” liked it, but one Seattle reviewer’s child gave it 1000K points today in her review on dad’s radio show. I’d say that’s a pretty good recommendation!

Genre:   Animation/Comedy

Rating:   PG