Purchase, track and store gift cards online at gyft.com - iPhone, iPad, and iPod only - not available for Android systems currently
Purchase, track and store gift cards online at gyft.com – iPhone, iPad, and iPod only – not available for Android systems currently

I love gift cards – giving and receiving them — but I hate keeping track of them and worse, remembering what the balance left on them is. I’ve tried writing the amount on them with Sharpies, wrapping the receipt around the card, and other ways. But I’m just not good at it or I lose the card before it’s spent.

My current group of unknown balance gift cards

My current group of unknown balance gift cards

I always seem to have 5 or 6 cards in my wallet that I’m have no clue what the remaining balance is and there’s nothing more embarrassing than trying to use one only to have it be declined. I also hate when gifting a card that I’m limited to those I can find locally or purchase on online.

Luckily I’ve been introduced to a mobile gift card platform where I can buy, track, store, redeem, and gift my current cards to friends and family and it’s all free! gyft.com is the site. It’s an online portal that has several key features for the gift card user.

Setting up an account is easy. With your smart phone, iPad, or iPod download the free app from the App Store and install it. Or visit gyft.com and type in your mobile number and it will send a link to your phone.

Just for installing the app I was offered two free gift cards – a $10 gift card to Omaha Steaks and a $5 card to Spa Finder.

Free gift cards from gyft.com just for signing up

Once you’ve installed the app it’s time to set up your sharing settings. This allows the gyft.com app to connect to your Twitter or Facebook accounts. By completing this step, you’ll gain access to other features.

You can enter your existing cards easily. Hundreds of retailers, grocery stores, and online stores can be found. Search for the card issuer and then enter the card number, pin, expiration date (if provided) and the amount. Then you’ll be promoted to “scan” the card. This takes a picture of the card and creates a barcode. Now the card is entered into the system and when you use it, you input the amount spent and it tracks the balance for you.

Entering my Safeway Gift Card into the gyft.com App

Entering my Safeway Gift Card into the gyft.com App

You can use your electronic gift cards online and in person. But you’re cautioned not to toss the physical card as the store may ask for it.

What gyft.com doesn’t do is connect to the card company so there’s no actual access to your card balance – it’s dependent on you typing in the correct amount and recording every transaction.

The gifting portion of gyft.com is where I think it shines. It lets me gift existing cards to friends/family on Facebook. That’s genius (granted, I could do the same simply be emailing them the info, but gyft.com sends it in what looks like an actual gift card for the store chosen so the presentation is better). Plus I can purchase a gift card from hundreds of stores and have it delivered via email to my recipient and he/she can track it with gyft.com as well.

I can also opt for push notices from the app that include Facebook friends with upcoming birthday so I can send a gift with a few clicks if I choose to.

So who is gyft.com for? People who like to give and receive gift cards or those who like me, have trouble keeping track of them. Now they’re all in one convenient location.

Want to give it a try? Download the app and you’ll receive a free $5 gift card to try the service.

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