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For the last few months I’ve been working on reducing wrinkles and to do so I’ve used topical creams, ointments, supplements, and even home laser therapy. While they all worked to some degree to minimize my existing wrinkles, what they weren’t doing was preventing new ones.

When looking closely at my face I realized the wrinkles that were getting deeper were the ones that ran vertically on my face. I went on a mission to find out what was causing them; I did what a lot of people do, I searched the Internet.

It wasn’t long before I realized that my sleeping position was the likely culprit. I’m a side sleeper and worse, I’m a smash-my-face-into-the-pillow-side-sleeper. I figured there had to be something out there for people like me, so I did yet another Internet search and found there are several pillow manufactures that claim they can reduce and/or prevent the wrinkles caused during sleep.

enVy Pillow Travel Case

enVy Pillow Travel Case

Can a Pillow Reduce/Prevent Wrinkles?

I reached out to one pillow manufacturer, a Canadian company, who makes the enVy™ pillow and they graciously offered to send me one to try out. First let me tell you a little about why they developed the pillow in the form that they did.

The enVy™ pillow was created with sloped sides to help keep your head and neck properly aligned for the optimal sleeping position. For side sleepers like me, it’s easiest to get into the correct position by first lying on your back, with the back of your head in the middle of the pillow, and then without lifting your head, turn on to your side. That positions the back of your head on one of the slopes and your face in the divot area thus, reducing the stress on your face.

The pillow is constructed of memory foam so that it can mold to your head and body and thus form a custom fit. It’s also designed to reduce the pressure points on your face. In fact, the entire makeup and design of the pillow are meant to reduce the stress on your face and thus eliminate and/or prevent wrinkles. It works to properly align your head and neck and as someone who suffers from chronic neck pain, this was enticing.

They chose to cover the pillow with a custom bamboo pillow case which is dust mite resistant. Why is this important? Because puffy eyes and rosacea have both been linked to the presence of nasty little dust mites. Ick! And the pillow itself is hypoallergenic.

Steven and Chris Show talks about Sleep enVy pillow

My Experience with the enVy™ pillow

When I first received the pillow it did have a mild chemical odor. Two days of letting it off-gas in the garage made it usable  I have a very sensitive nose – my husband didn’t notice the odor at all. The bamboo cover needs to be washed before using (it’s a little rough right out of the bag). Once washed, it’s soft and comfortable and allows your face to skim over the surface. I appreciate that the cover is environmentally friendly and that the pillow includes a travel case should I want to take it on the road with me.

The pillow is much lighter than any of the other memory foam pillows I own (I have several). That’s a HUGE plus for me. Some of mine are heavy enough to use as a weapon.

I find the pillow comfortable and I’m trying to retrain my body to sleep with my upper shoulder slightly back instead of curled up and forward. I’m still waking up with red vertical lines in the center of my forehead and along both sides of my nose. I go to sleep in the correct position, but sometime during the night my body reverts to the same position its take for the last 50 years.

I haven’t noticed a huge improvement in my chronic neck pain, but that’s likely because I’m still sleeping in the curled position which puts a lot of pressure on the shoulder I’m sleeping on.

enVy Pillow Side Sleeper position - Pillow Details and Review

enVy Pillow Side Sleeper position

Is the enVy™ pillow Worth its $159 Price Tag?

That’s a difficult question. Is it comfortable? Yes. It’s the most comfortable memory foam pillow I’ve ever used. Does it work if you sleep on it correctly? Yes. For back sleepers this will likely be a fabulous upgrade from your current flat pillow. Can it retrain bad sleeping position habits? Not so far, but I’m hopeful that over time I can correct my sleeping position. If not, at least I’m more comfortable while I’m making those wrinkles and maybe I’ll try a filler someday to get rid of them. Eh, or just learn to embrace them.

The average online price is $159 with free shipping (my pillow cost $30 to ship from Canada so the pillow could reasonable be valued in the $129 range). Additional bamboo cases can be purchased for $29 (plus $10 shipping) but they’re almost a necessity. The pillow can fit into a standard pillow case, but you won’t have the benefit of the stress-free material.

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