Vermont Soap Organic Anti-Aging KitAt Vermont Soap we believe that petroleum based ingredients and products are contaminated with traces of benzene rings and other toxic volatiles from the vagaries of the petroleum refining process. Only USDA certified organic skin care guarantees that a product is truly safe, nontoxic and natural.

You don’t have to be old to enjoy anti-ageing products. In fact, if you start using them early, you’ll reap the benefits of maintaining your skin and not trying to repair it. I’ve been fortunate that I avoided the sun most of my life so my wrinkling is appropriate for my age. Still, I’d like to keep my skin looking as young as I can, as long as I can, and I’m all for natural and organic ways to do that.

I recently received the Vermont Soap Company’s new Organic Anti-Aging Kit. It’s a fun little kit that’s loaded with fabulous products to moisturize and care for your skin as well as reduce the damage that time and sun may have caused.

The Vermont Soap Organic Anti-Aging Kit Includes:

2 –  3oz Shea Butter Bar Soap:  Whether you have dry skin or now, you’ll love the Shea Butter Bar. The lather is creamy and rich and the ingredients pure and natural. You don’t have to use chemicals to get clean and moisturized and this soap proves it. The scent is light and pleasant and it’s a joy to use.

certified organic shea butter

certified organic shea butter – amazing stuff

1 – Pure Organic African Shea Butter Tin: I’ve been reading a lot about African Shea Butter and the healing properties it contains. I’ve never used a pure organic version before and I have to say I’m hooked on this product. I used it everywhere – lips, hands, face, etc. It’s said to repair skin that’s been damaged by wind, sun, and age and also works to fade stretch marks and scars (I don’t have either so I can verify their claim). What I can say is that it is a unique experience. The Shea Butter is thick and takes a moment to rub into the skin, but once done, you’re rewarded with some supple skin and a light nutty aroma. According to The Vermont Soap Company, that’s “due to the high percentage of beneficial polysaccharides these topically anti-inflammatory molecules actually rebuild and redistribute weakened spots in our collagen”.

1 – 1.25oz Honey Love Beauty Mask: Organic Honey, a natural exfoliatant and inflammation reducer, nourishes the skin and can help control P acnes which is the bacteria which can cause pimples and blackheads. They’ve added 99% USP Glycerin which works with the hone to improve the texture and appearance of your skin. But best of all, the ingredients are all pure and natural – nothing that can irritate or harm your skin. The mask is lightly scented with lavender oil to make your mask time more relaxing. It goes on beautifully and removes easily with the use of the shea butter bar soap.

 1 – 1.25oz Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer   – Use this nightly as your facial moisturizer. I’m told it takes 90-days to see the full results, and I’m only about 10 days in, but I can say I love the texture and the way it feels and smells. It includes Calendula, St Johns Wort and Rosemary as well as hemps seeds.

1 – Loofa Scrubby Pad – A natural pad to buff and exfoliate your skin.

1 – Hardwood Maple Soapdish – I love this dish and have considered buying one for years. It allows your organic and natural soap to dry between uses and not sit in water and become mush. This spa-like soap dish is made in Vermont from unfinished maple from China which is not chemically treated.

Vermont Soap Anti-Aging Kit - a great gift or for yourself

Vermont Soap Anti-Aging Kit – a great gift or for yourself

This is a fabulous gift pack of natural and organic skincare products which I’m thoroughly enjoying and which any mom, grandma, aunt, etc., would love as a gift! It’s also the perfect size for a stocking stuffer. Share great products without all the chemicals in drug store products. For about $32, you’ll have a few months’ worth of fabulous and healthy beauty care products. Or pick up the Organic Gift Crate (I’d LOVE this one – hint! hint! family!) for a larger selection of even more organic skin and bodycare products.

Photo Credit: Vermont Soap Company – stock photo