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I have tried a lot of vitamins over the years. The one thing I found about nearly every brand is no matter how carefully I tried, I couldn’t find a way to take them without experiencing horrible nausea and in some cases, the nausea was accompanied by stomach pains and then projectile vomiting. I was so sick that the first handful of times it happened I didn’t even realize it was the vitamins. I just assumed I’d gotten the stomach flu or food poisoning.

Superior Source Special Offer - Free Micro-lingual B12 (pay shipping)It took years before I realized that vitamins on my stomach, with or without food, first thing in the morning or last thing at night, caused nausea and many times vomiting; it’s probably no wonder I stopped taking them. A few years ago a simple blood test found that I was severely vitamin D and B12 deficient. For almost a year I took prescription vitamins and shots. I knew that I had to find a vitamin or combination of vitamins to prevent becoming deficient again. They also had to be vegetarian-friendly.

I did a little research on the recommendation of my doctor and discovered there are other ways to take your vitamins that don’t require swallowing them. The first step is a good diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein, etc. Not processed junk. I’ve made those changes; however, I want to be sure I’m getting enough of the vitamins and minerals I need during menopause. To accomplish this I added vitamins that are taken by dissolving them under the tongue. The benefit is they hit my blood stream quickly, never get to my stomach, and so no nausea!

My Daily Supplements by Superior Source Vitamins

My Daily Supplements by Superior Source Vitamins

Micro-lingual (or sub-lingual) tablets are placed under my tongue and they’re gone in just a few seconds to a minute. I’m now taking 4 supplements in this format and it takes less than 2 minutes to take them all. Three are pleasant tasting, the Women’s Multi-Complex vitamin has a strong vitamin odor (I can smell it through the bottle) and a strong taste. But it’s literally under my tongue and gone in 30 seconds with no residual taste (unlike a vitamin I’d burp up the rest of the day).

This new group of vitamins is from Superior Source Vitamins. They make a full line of supplements for men, women, and kids. I was actually surprise both my son and my husband wanted to try the men’s formula. They both loved the delivery system and the quick way the pills dissolved completely. I love that the vitamin is the better quality D3 and not the D2 which many of the cheap vitamin companies use.

My supplements with a cocktail peanut - yes, they're that tiny!

My supplements with a cocktail peanut – yes, they’re that tiny!

The Superior Source Vitamins we sampled:

Advanced B-12: Essential for top energy levels, heart health and mental clarity. No Shot Advanced B-12 2,000 mcg

Vitamin C “Tangy” Orange Melts: Superior Source Vitamin C 500 mg utilizes sodium ascorbate, which is a buffered (non-acidic) form of C that does not contribute to gastric irritation and are formulated with a proprietary blend including Acai Berry, Acerola Cherry and Citrus Bioflavonoids. Sweetened with a little stevia.

Women’s Multi-Vitamin Complex: One Daily Value Multi-Vitamin contains the vitamins and nutrients a woman’s body needs for optimal health, including B vitamins for energy metabolism as well as Vitamin C and A for antioxidant protection and immune support.

Men’s Multi-Vitamin Complex:  One Daily Value Multi-Vitamin contains the vitamins and nutrients a man’s body needs for optimal health, including B vitamins for energy metabolism as well as Vitamin C and A for antioxidant protection and immune support.

Children’s B Complex with Vitamin C: Includes folic acid, calcium pantothenate and biotin and is formulated to provide the nutrients that support optimal health for the production and maintenance of new cells and supports nervous system health, energy metabolism, and healthy heart function.

Vitamin D 1,000 IU­­ Extra Strength – Works in conjunction with calcium to promote the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. These Vitamin D products are D3, the finest source of Vitamin D available.

Reasons Why Micro-Lingual are Superior to Traditional Vitamin Pills

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