New iD Gum, a mashup of flavors

New iD Gum, a mashup of flavors

I stopped chewing gum when I got diagnosed with TMJ. I used to be a pack a day chewer – when the flavor goes so does the gum. I still keep a pack or two in my car and in my purse for when bad breath hits and a toothbrush is not available, but now I have a new favorite – Stride ID gum.

What’s unique about the Stride ID gum is the flavor – they’re mashups of two flavors in one and they have little mini works of art on each package! The artists’ are up-and-coming artists in their medium.

Now that I think about it, I should be saving these little pieces of art – they’d be great for a craft project! Plus the pack has tiny magnetic closures so no more gum spilled all over….I hate picking purse droppings out of my gum!

Stride ID Gum Commercial – Eagle

FREE ID Gum Arcade Games

Check out the free ID Gum arcade games at the iD Artcade. Lots of artistic games to play and enjoy.
id gum, kinda

On the rare occasions I chew gum, I go for the Peppermint flavor. It’s cool and crisp and takes care of the bad breathies right away. The spearmint works just as well and is a nice change. The berrymelon is a great after dinner fruity tasting treat.

Have you tried iD gum? They’r pretty fun little packs of sweetness.

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