Online Snowflake Creator - any shape you can dream up.

I have had a fascination with snowflakes since I was a child. First because enough of it meant a day off from school and time outside playing with friends. That was usually sledding, snow angels, and generally creating all kinds of chaos in the neighborhood. Then we’d clamor back into our house, demand hot chocolate with marshmallows, and then we’d strip off our wet clothes and toss them in the dryer.  As soon as the dryer finished, we’d wiggle into those warm and dry clothes and head back outside to repeat the whole process.

Once I saw the first close-up photos of a snowflake I feel even deeper in love with the tiny little frozen crystals and marveled at the intricate details in each tiny flake. So it’s probably shouldn’t have surprised me that I’ve become slightly obsessed with this online snowflake creator I’ve recently discovered at It’s evidently a script tutorial website and one of the tutorials is how to build a flash generated snowflake maker and they’ve kindly built one for us to play with! It’s be a great way to try-it-before-you-cut-it crafting experience, especially if your paper snowflakes are being made out of expensive paper. Or it’s just a fun, see-how-tiny-the-pieces-you-can-virtually-cut-are because there’s no way I could cut a snowflake as intricately in real life as I’ve done with the snowflake creator.

Here’s my snowflake and its creation from start to finish in 7 frames:

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 1

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 2

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 3

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 4

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 5

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 6

Virtual Snowflake Creator - Cut 7

I’d think teacher’s and homeschooling parents would enjoy the online snowflake creator as well because there are lots of chances for discussions about shapes, negative space, and more, And the best part that if you make a mistake you don’t lose your work of art, you just hit the undo button and try it again!

I’m fascinated by snowflakes and this just powered my passion. I think in the morning I’ll try my hand at some real ones! Well real as in the paper variety.

What do you think? Let me know if you try it and find it as addicting as I do.