Steve on duty and the two of us 30 years ago and again this year

Steve on duty and the two of us 30 years ago and again this year

I’ve been married to a firefighter for 29 years. To say that he’s made me a bit of a safety fanatic would be an understatement. Still, there are some areas where even though I have the knowledge, I ignore it or assume “just this onetime, nothing will happen.”  I’ve been lucky so far, but I know that the luck often runs out and it can lead to serious injury or even death. I’m hoping that admitting my dirty little safety secrets it might encourage you to come clean as well and we can make a pact to take home fire safety more serious.

Why take it seriously? Because the Fire Analysis and Research Division of the National Fire Protection Association reported that 38% of fatal fire injuries happen in homes without a smoke alarm. They also found that 24% of fire deaths occur in homes that have one smoke alarm which failed to operate. The most common cause of smoke detector failure? Dead or missing batteries.

From talking with my husband all these years, I’d say the stats are dead on and what sad stats they are. So many lives could be saved by the proper use, placement, and maintenance of smoke detectors.

Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Change Your Clock Change Your Battery®  Day

To remind people to take a moment to consider their safety, November 4 has been designated Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® Day. It’s the 25th year this program has been in existence and this year fire departments nationwide are working Energizer and International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) to get more people participating. Their goal is to raise awareness on the importance of making sure your first line of defense – your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors – are in working order and have fresh batteries to make your home safer for you and your family.

When asked to participate in this year’s outreach we immediately said yes! We’re happy to help spread the word about fire safety and thanks to Energizer, we get to also tell you about some great products that we think you’ll find helpful in your quest to make things safer around your home.

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Is your home ready for an emergency?

First is the Energizer® Flameless Wax Candle – my husband doesn’t allow open flames in our home, they’re much too dangerous, so we’ve been switching to flameless candles. The beauty of this one is that it looks, feels, and smells like a wax candle because it is, but it has the safety of being battery operated.

Flameless Candle vs Flame - a choice we can live with

Flameless Candle vs Flame – a choice we can live with

Another product you may want to consider adding to your home is the Kidde Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm. Every home should have at least one on every level of their home and dual alarms are a great way to get good coverage without having multiple alarms to check on and care for. We live in a tri-level home and we have alarms on every floor, in each bedroom, in the garage, kitchen, living room, crawlspaces, and attic. They’re cheap insurance on letting us know there’s a problem.

Voice alarms are said to be better recognized in an emergency.

Voice alarms are said to be better recognized in an emergency and flashlight with safety checklist, emergency whistle, and more.

One item my husband keeps on his nightstand is a flashlight and the Energizer® Weatheready® Safety Light is a great choice. This one can be powered by AA, AAA, or C cell batteries – I think that’s brilliant! Plus it has a safety checklist right on the flashlight itself.

All of these products can be purchased at your favorite home improvement store or online. But you can also win them here! You can also visit the Energizer Bunny® Facebook page until 11/4, click on the Fire Safety Info Tab, and enter to win a Family Safety Kit with a RV of $150! While you’re there, check out the coloring and activity sheets, fire safety tips, and draw your own home escape plan.