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Gola Shoes is a UK brand that’s become popular in the US because they’re stylish, durable, and reasonably priced. Gola makes shoes for men, women, and children and they produce simple bags that provide a great way to carry your gear.

Gola’s been making shoes since 1905 and their expertise shows. The shoes are well-made out of quality materials so they’re durable. Better yet, they’re comfortable and supportive, and they do it all while looking great.

My son’s Gola style is their slim, sleek, and formfitting Chase model. There’s nothing clunky or chunky about them and they’re styled very similar to his Rugby shoes from his playing days. He loves the lightweight style and the athletic look to them and that they fit true to size, so the pair he ordered fit right the first time.

While he prefers the trim look of the Chase, there are other more traditional trainer styles as well as skateboard-type shoes with a thicker, flatter sole and even though he chose black on black, Gola produces shoes in a rainbow of colors – from understated neutrals to neon orange and more. I can’t help but love their Union Jack line – so classic!

Some of our favorite Gola Men's Shoe Styles

Some of our favorite Gola Men’s Shoe Styles

My son is currently loving his Gola Chase shoes and try as I might, I can’t pin him down to take a photo. He and the shoes were in California last week and Hawaii next week. But that’s what’s great about the shoes – they travel well, look equally great in the theme park or on the beach walk, and can be worn with dress pants for dinner out or a pair of shorts while waiting in line for the next ride.

I haven’t given up on getting a photo, but who knows where he’ll be next week. I can’t tell you how many countries he’s been to this year because I can’t keep track. And I’m a little jealous of his shoes – they’ll be travelling to some pretty amazing places….

Looking for a perfect travel shoe? Try the Gola Chase – my son says they’re a winner! The best part? Now I know where to shop, what size to buy, and which shoes he likes – this Santa is one happy mom!

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