My Thrift Store Finds

My Thrift Store Finds

I’m hosting a small get together this weekend for the family. Nothing formal, just coffee and dessert. I don’t really have a theme and since I’ve never owned a coffee maker before I didn’t have any coffee-themed decor. I thought about buying some while I was out shopping for Halloween decorations yesterday (read: Halloween Decorations – What’s Your Style? Over-the-Top or Hap Hazard?). But I thought I’d just make do with things I had on hand.

Thrift Store Finds

While I was on my way, I noticed a costumed character standing on the corner waving a sign. It turns out he was there to advertise the thrift store’s Halloween selection. I had no idea there was even a thrift store located in that shopping center so I made a snap decision to take a moment and see what they might have I could use.

The store was a Value Village I think. It’s been years since I’ve been to a Thrift Store but the first thing I noticed is they’re a lot brighter and cleaner than they used to be. I also noticed that most of items were fairly common. Evidently most of the stores caught on to the thrifters who were buying great goods and reselling them.  Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of stuff that is dare I say it….is junk.


English: Varieties of coffee cups for sale in ...

English: Varieties of coffee cups for sale in a thrift store in Vadstena, Sweden Svenska: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided to check out the soft-goods aisle just in case. I’m always looking for fun props to use on my recipe posts. Even in this department I was disappointed not to find any vintage items. I miss the old days when I could find dishtowels hand-embroidered in the 50’s. I did notice that the store relies heavily on a very popular and easy-to-recognize fabric spray freshener – the smell was sickeningly strong back there and I could wait to get out of there.

But after scouring all the items back in the back I did find 3 towels which were perfect – one with the word coffee in several languages plus a very ornate table runner in coordinating colors that will look fabulous and mix perfectly with the everyday towels. Plus on my way out I found a fabulous red lacquered tray that can hold all the coffee accouterments.

My total? $11.50. Yep, budget decorating. Sure, I would have loved to have found a few decorative pieces or pieces I could have painted or put together – like candlesticks and plates, but there wasn’t a single one in the store. But that’s not stopped me from thinking about going again.

Do you thrift? What’s your best find?