I’ve just been introduced to two inflatable aids that could really make life easier for people like me who spend a lot of time in bed. The first is the WondaWedge. It’s a versatile product that can be used in so many applications.

The WondaWedge is designed to be used in many ways. Use it as a beach lounge, when camping, as an RV accessory, for outdoor concert and picnic seating, a boating lounger, a pool side lounger and more. It works equally well inside for support while reading, working in bed, meditating, recovering from surgery or injuries, or for back support.

The design is simple – the inflated wedge provides support while attached mat keeps it in place. It can be used to support your legs, back, neck, and more. It’s made of flocked PVC which worries me a bit as I’m chemically sensitive, so I’d definitely make a slipcover for it and not have direct contact with it.



Pair it with the BookWedge which folds flat when it’s deflated to reduce strain on your neck and arms while reading or working on your tablet PC. It’s not weighted like many other book holders. The bumper holds the materials in place so your screen is visible. It can be used in our lap or as a desktop accessory or even in the kitchen to hold your cookbook plus it wipes clean!

These are great accessories for anyone looking to find some comfort. They’re inexpensive solutions that can bring a lot of relief.

Both products are available for purchased online at the WondaWedge Store.

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