I’m sure this isn’t what Charles M Shulz had in mind when he uttered this now famous quote, but it’s the one that comes to mind when I see Gracie burrowed deep into her favorite blanket. It’s OUR blanket, but she claims it every time I put it on our bed.

You don't see me! #Hipstamatic #Jane #Inas198...

You don’t see me!

I have to wonder if it reminds her of her mother or siblings. Gracie’s a Maltese and the blanket matches so perfectly that it’s really easy to accidently sit on her. The only reason you can see her in the photo is I took it at night with flash and so there are shadows on her head and she woke up because she was annoyed with the flash. Normally all  you can see is the bottom of her feet and her nose. 🙂

Here’s another photo I took while we were napping outside today with the blanket. She loves being outside the sunshine so I try to indulge her as often as possible.

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