Zombie Apocalypse Halloween House

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween House Decorations

No, this is NOT my house. I was two blocks from home when I looked over and saw the boarded up windows. Then I noticed the tires, three high, all across the front yard. Then I realized there was chicken wire about the tires and random barrels. I couldn’t help myself, I turned around and went back to find out what the heck I was seeing.

The house is so much cooler in person! There are so many little details – a severed scalp, warning signs, and so much more. I felt a little silly sitting in front of it trying to take a photograph that took it all in.

Steve and the kids decorating for Halloween - 1990ish

Steve and the kids decorating for Halloween – 1990ish

Ironically I was on the way to Kmart to buy some Halloween decorations and I admit, for just a few minutes after seeing the house, I thought about doing some outdoor decorations. We used to be the house that always went a little over the top (although nothing like the Zombie Apocalypse house). But kids have stopped coming to our house on Halloween because of the hill we live on – there are far too many other flat neighborhoods for them to visit – so we stopped years ago.

Still, I wanted to mark the holiday a little bit so I bought some decorations for the table and I was careful to buy ones that can be reused for Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, shortly after I got home I got a migraine so my Halloween decor didn’t make it any further than getting unpacked onto the kitchen island.

Sad looking I know, but I assure you in my mind it will be cute and fun. We’ll see if tomorrow I can pull it all together. I have to by Sunday. We’re having the family over for coffee and dessert so I have a deadline – I need deadlines.

My Halloween Table Decorations Kmart Kostume Kreator

My Halloween Table Decorations

What’s your Halloween decorating style? Over-the-Top or Hap Hazard? Do your Halloween decorations rival the Zombie Apocalypse house or are you like me? At least by putting it off I got a few good deals. I’ll share them with you tomorrow.