Kmart's Kostume Kontest

Halloween is almost here. Only fourteen more days to be exact. It seems like summer is just a fleeting memory as the trees are being stripped bare of their leaves by the Seattle rain. We’re spending our time indoors now and thinking ahead to the holidays.

This is the first year we’ve not purchased Halloween costumes already. Usually we know weeks in advance what we’re going to buy. But this year the inspiration hasn’t hit us and we’re even considering skipping it altogether. But I can’t help but think maybe just one more time when I see some of the fun new costumes available.

My boys after Trick or Treating – 1989

I’ve never been a fan of scary costumes. I’ve always been attracted to the make-believe and historical choices instead. Our boys were never anything scarier than pirates and most years, especially the teen years, put together their own costumes from things they had around the house or could borrow from friends. As they got older, their costumes got more elaborate and  most were purchased costumes.

Kmart Kostume Kreator

This year I’m playing with the Kmart Kreator to give me some inspiration. Plus, for anyone who uses it and shares their creation, they have a chance at winning Kmart gift cards! Each week, the top 5 Kreatures’ creators win a $25 Kmart gift card with the grand prize winner with the highest combined score taking home the $100 Kmart gift card grand prize! That prize will be presented on Halloween of course!

To participate, visit and create your own Kreature. Then share via your social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, (Shop Your Way), Tumblr, etc. Have fun, get creative, and shop if you find the perfect outfit.

Kmart Kreature Kreator and Halloween Countdown Clock

Kmart Kreature Kreator and Halloween Countdown Clock

Plus upload your own face and it’ll be magically put on your new Kreature! Then give your creation a new look with accessories or go traditional like I did.  But there are plenty of goofy accessories to shake up your creature with!

My princess Kmart Halloween Kostume Kreation

My princess Kmart Halloween Kostume Kreation

Then name and share your Kreaturewith your friends. It’s that simple!

Tada! Naming and sharing my Kmart Halloween Kreation

Tada! Naming and sharing my Kmart Halloween Kreature

The best part of putting off buying a costume? Kmart has them all on sale now at 40% off and they have shop online/deliver to the store for free! I think I look pretty fabulous as Cinderella – what do you think?